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Blog RealDeals > Worst DLC you've ever played?

Posted 06 June 2012

I bring it up because I just finished Dead Money for Fallout NV and HATED it. I specifically kept this DLC as the last one I'd do since I'd heard it was bad, but damn it was unbearable. Repetitive combat, uninteresting story, bear-traps that where EVERYWHERE and nearly invisible, not nearly enough ammo or health, confusing map layout... you name it. The l...

Blog RealDeals > The Things I Do For Wrex...

Posted 08 April 2012

Having just finished Sonic Generations and being my first Saturday off in a while (Spring Break! :)), it was time to move on to the next shrinkwrap that was the shiniest that caught my eye from the backlog cave. Mass Effect 1 was a bit slow in the beginning, but picking up biotics and other Vanguard powers got me into it as you started seriously trailing...

Blog RealDeals > Mass Effect 3 Hype

Posted 05 March 2012

I honestly don't think I've seen more hype for any game quite like this. I really had no idea Mass Effect was THIS big. Among my friends, I've never seen them even close to this excited for a game release since either Gears 3 or Modern Warfare 2. I remember Halo 3 being insanely hyped too. But this is outrageous. Don't get me wrong, I like the series and...

Blog RealDeals > Help me brush up on my CAG history?

Posted 16 December 2011

While I may be a CAG Veteran, I've only been here around 6 months now. So, naturally I'm a little puzzled when some of you old timers (yes yes GET OFF MY LAWN and what not) bring up guys like ChuPlayer and FireThief. Anyone wanna enlighten me on any of the things they did? Trolling? Disturbing stuff? Anybody got any examples? Links? I was here to witness...

Blog RealDeals > Tebow Time! Holla Denver Cags!

Posted 12 December 2011

DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT ENDING? I think he really does have it in with Jesus. For those out of the loop, http://www.denverpos...cos/ci_19526117