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In Topic: QVC PS4 VR bundle 89.96

17 January 2019 - 09:29 PM

I noticed this around the same time you posted in here (independently, I'm just checking CAG for the first time today a few hours later) and contacted "Chat Live" support immediately with success of matching the price of my past order that QVC cancelled. I was even able to apply a new customer $10 "TEN4U" coupon and $10 compensation I previously got through chat to make up for the inconvenience with the help of a support rep placing a new order for me. I won't believe it until I have the order in my hands (I'm curious where they got stock when many other retailers are now OOS - and was this a Holiday 2018 time limited sale bundle? Will someone else at QVC catch the total on my order and terminate it?), but here's hoping. Good luck to the few of us still at this!


My new EDD is the 28th.

I just tried twice, the first time I asked to have my order reinstated, the rep said the system wouldn't let her.  After re-reading your post I tried again and asked if I could have a new order matched to the price of my cancelled order and the rep said "Unfortunately, due to a system issue we are unable to honor the original price for the item. The item was incorrectly priced. I apologize for any inconvenience."


Good luck, I hope you get it.

In Topic: QVC PS4 VR bundle 89.96

18 December 2018 - 02:07 PM

mine is cancelled