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Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) $9.96 at Walmart

02 January 2012 - 05:13 AM

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) (9.96)

Although the Walmart site states that it is sold out online, and there are limited stores that carry it. It was too far for me to get it, and I didn't feel like calling Walmart. Then while I was at Best Buy I decided to chance it.

Best Buy was and did price match it for me for 9.99. Though, I believe part of the reason was that I traded-in games, enrolled in the games reward program, purchased several games, and a wireless headset. The person who attended me was polite, helpful, knowledgeable about games, and all around cool. So although I was in the midst of several time consuming transactions, it was smooth sailing. :D

P.S. If someone already listed this, I apologize

Turtle Beach P11 or Rocketfish Universal Headset

02 January 2012 - 04:03 AM

I currently have a PS3, and will eventually get an xbox. Sometimes I game late and I don't want to disturb the household. Plus chatting with friends and family would be nice. It also helps not to yell across rooms when playing with family in the same home ;)

In saying that, I went to Toys R US and picked up the Turtle Beach P11 $30 and Disney Universe game. Then I went to Best Buy and traded some games, which I ended up using it towards the game rewards, a Rocketfish Universal Headset, and some other games. The coupon in the gamer magazine made so I only paid about $45 for the Rocketfish Headset.

So this leaves me with two headsets. One reason to keep the Rocketfish is that it is universal and I do plan on purchasing an Xbox.

In your opinion/experience, which should headset should I return? Turtle Beach Earforce P11 or the Rocketfish? Is the rocketfish worth 45? Which one has the better sound? More comfortable? Anything I didn't consider? Should I keep them both? Should I get the P12 for the xbox at $30 at Toys R Us for the future?

Rocketfish Model: RF-GUV1202 | SKU: 3088923 $45 (with gaming coupon)

Turtle Beach Earforce P11 $30 (on sale at Toy's R Us)

Any guidance is appreciated.