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In Topic: CAGcast #725: Ben Cooper Battle Royale

15 May 2022 - 10:53 PM

Cheapy - I think you're spot on comparing Lego to IKEA. There's a thing in psychology called the 'IKEA Effect' where, because you put effort into assembling the furniture, you value the final product more. There is an article in Psychology Today (https://www.psycholo...the-ikea-effect) that also makes that connection with Legos. Because the toy isn't just ready to go out of the box, even if all you do is follow instructions, you're brain rewards you for the effort you put into making it from chaos. 


The real question is, is this psychological hack as bad as loot boxes or Fortnite? Would love to hear you and Wombat peck at each other about that.


Finally, thanks for doing the fundraiser for CTF - it's a great cause and the organization is very well rated by Charity Navigator (92.6%)

In Topic: CAGcast #720: SQUEEZE-ON

25 March 2022 - 03:56 PM

Thanks guys for putting out this great show! While I don't get to watch you live on Twitch (too late for this dad) but I love the new dynamic it adds to the audio. Keep up the outstanding work, you guys rock.


I'm curious if you guys ever bust out your copies of Switch Game or Not, the card game?


Cheapy, you're right, Kirby sucks.


While 5K's may not give out medals for participation, they all give out T-Shirts so you can show off that you run 5k's :D Our town's 8k (formerly the fastest 8k in the world) gave out medals to everyone who did it. But...the thing about participation trophies is it's usually not the kids demanding them, it's the parents who want their kid to be special (who are the same generation complaining about participation trophy culture).