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In Topic: CAGcast #636: The Magic of Doors

22 May 2020 - 07:27 PM

Wanted to come in and tell the hosts about the Brave browser which is a privacy-forward Chrome browser. The big advantage for me is the auto ad blocking and tracker blocking. It makes loading sites like Forbes fast because the junk is blocked.

In Topic: CAGcast #634: How Wombat Really Got His Name

10 May 2020 - 07:30 PM

Hasn't Wombat shared the origin story of his nickname before on the show? Or do he and I just share a psychic connection?

Great show, as usual, though Cheapy was in a weird mood, lots of rape talk and coming down hard on Ship for being totally reasonable and responsible during the pandemic.

Congrats on making 15 years!

In Topic: CAGcast #625: The Grossest Surf and Turf

06 March 2020 - 02:58 PM

Haven't finished listening yet, but as a big board gamer and a big user of Kickstarter...


Board games are fairly expensive to make and distribute, especially since their target retail outlets are going to be smaller 'friendly local game stores' who don't have a lot of working capital or shelf space. Kickstarter as a pre-order system lets them gauge interest and print an appropriate run size. This is an increasingly common strategy in a niche market that is flooded with new products (and very few evergreen ones). When you're CMON, Kickstarter also provides "free" advertising by featuring the game on the front page which nets more orders - my guess is that the cost paid in fees is written off as advertising. Also, CMON is famous for extravagant stretch goals (not sure about this one) which creates a lot of FOMO in the board game community, so Kickstarter provides a vehicle to drive extra demand early on.


Also, while CMON has officially changed the pronunciation of their name to "Come On" but it's stupid. The right way to say it is 'See Mon' because it originally meant 'Cool Mini or Not'.