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In Topic: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked: $120 for 2 years ($30 for current/re...

19 March 2014 - 01:41 AM

Why are you saying you need require a benefit when you're getting a 20% already on any and all games branded as new, I haven't bought a used game because I could just buy it cheaper and new from BBY. Granted it sucks that you can't get 20% off the price matching but you're still getting 20% off on top of whatever game they have in stock even if it's on sale.


If you're the type of person to be waiting for price drops (for example Tomb Raider: Definitive in my scenario) in the long run it's  comes up at a good discount. 


Out of a 60 dollar game if the game is being sold for 40 dollars that week as a GCU member you're getting it for almost 50% off of retail price (31.99) 


If you do that for 4 months out of the year the money you saved = the amount you paid for the current 2 year GCU membership.


I still think that 120 is too much for the subscription, I would say 60-80 would be a  good price for a 2 year subscription but with the amount of money saved within those 2 years even if you only buy 4 or 5 games it's still a nice bang for your buck. 

I am fine with them keeping it at at $120 if they  officially and automatically allow for PM plus GCU discount. As it stands, I agree, it shouldn't be more than $60 to $80.

I agree with this, and it is a YMMV because sometimes they will do both, sometimes they wont (in my experience, anyways). But having said that, I have already gotten enough value in the few short months I've been GCU to fully warrant the cost, even at $120. Granted I paid $30, and will look to pay $60 to reup later, but breaking it down it is worth it at $120 if you do it right.

So far I have had 100%(4/4) success this year with Customer Care for Elite Plus sending me a gift card for the 20% difference when PMing online purchases. It isn't a true PM plus 20% but I will absolutely take it and I am super satisfied by it. I have had 0%(2/2) success with in store purchases so from now on I only do shipped or in store pickup online orders for games.

In Topic: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked: $120 for 2 years ($30 for current/re...

18 March 2014 - 04:23 PM

If they are asking you to pay$120 for the service then it should be providing me with a benefit. First, even if they were to do the honorable thing and price match and then provide the 20% on a new game (which they did when GCU first started) they would not be taking a loss in almost all cases since the markup on games is huge these days. The loss is even harder to compute when factoring in the GCU fees for the service. If you are happy to say I am in GCU and I get 20% off MSRP at BB on new games that is your prerogative but if you can buy that game for cheaper elsewhere then what is the benefit of GCU? Why pay $120 for it? I am in GCU and I am mad that I got the new MGS V and am paying more for it after my GCU discount than I would at other retailers on release day. Now I can take the ad into BB and get them to match but then I am getting the same deal as every customer who walks in there is despite me paying them $120 to get 20% off on new game purchases. This is the number one reason my friends who do not have GCU will not purchase it. It also will be the number one reason the renewal rate on this product will be very small and it will have to be reevaluated in 2016

Exactly my point. Again, even at $48, Best Buy is still making a profit on that purchase, plus the $120 you already paid. Once again, the point is for bulk purchases with lower margins as well as opening the possibility to higher margin sales such as cables, controllers, etc. GCU preowned has always applied regardless of other discounts as far as I know. Gamestop PUR applies regardless of other discounts.  Margins are a lot higher then he believes on these games. I don't expect a match of a gift card deal or anything, even a b2g1. I do expect an direct item price match of a listed competitor to still allow me the GCU discount.

In Topic: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked: $120 for 2 years ($30 for current/re...

18 March 2014 - 05:16 AM

So let me get this straight you want them to price match another retailer and on top of that beat that retailer's price by 20%? Don't you think that's a worthless sale to them? Best Buy is in the business of making money not taking huge excessive losses to appease customers.


What you want doesn't make sense from a business standpoint for them. they're better off totally losing the sale then taking a loss on a price match then increasing that loss with 20% off a matched price.


also the break even point for the $120 cost is 10 games. 

I get what you are saying but don't forget that you are paying $120 for the 20% discount. If any customer can come in to Best Buy, PM a game, and get it for the same or better price as someone who already gave Best Buy money on the understanding they receive a 20% discount on games, don't you think that is a little unfair? Remember, for other stores that people go to that have release week/week after deals, you have not already given them money to receive a discount. Also, the price matching policy at Best Buy and the GCU membership are two separate concurrent policies, one should not affect the other in that there can only be one to apply. If someone purchases 10 games at Best Buy and all they can do is break even in price to buying from any other store, why should they buy games at Best Buy? The point of GCU is two fold. 1. To convice as many customers as possible to give them money in the hopes that they don't purchase enough games to pay fully for the membership, thus a net gain for Best Buy. 2. To convince as many customers to purchase as many games as possible from Best Buy, thus making less money per game by offering said bulk discounts. Again, profit margin is lower but they have generated far more item sales than otherwise. Also, it convinces people to be in their stores or on their website more often, potentially leading to sales of other higher profit items. All I am saying is that the 20% discount should apply on any new game purchase period until you reach your limit on number of copies regardless of other discounts, price matches, coupons, etc. Because, well, simply put, you pay for it.