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Too good to be true? The times it all worked out great.

24 October 2017 - 11:07 AM

I'd like to hear some stories or even some bragging on a deals you took a chance on despite them appearing too good to be true. Where you came out on top through either critical thinking or dumb luck.

While hunting for a high capacity micro sd card on ebay I ran in to hundreds of obvious fakes with a few peppered in that look legit. Taking a chance on many and had to have them returned. One day a used listing came up. He actually said he had used the cards on a trip and was now selling. Figured chances are good its real so I bid $25 on a 256gb micro sd. I kept a $95 bid ready to snipe at the last 5 seconds. Only no other bid ever came. It sold for $22 shipped. I figured it must have obvious bootleg indications I am not familiar with. Why else did none of the other bidders try? Guy shipped it and I tested it. Legit card full capacity and fast. $22 for a $150 retail card.
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The infestation of fake cards makes it great for finding those needle in a haystack deals. Used to drive the price of anime boxes way down.

That wasn't very exciting but tell us all some of your incredible finds from too good to be true sources.

Wanted: Vita Accessories & Grips. Light Pink Vita. Have:Snes Classic, Old games...

15 October 2017 - 11:41 PM

-Miuro Dancing Robot
-Sony PS Vita CitySlicker Orange Case
-Vita Xbox one analog stick cover. From that CAG who used to sell them. Lost mine and need 1.
-Hori Vita Slim Remote Play Grip
-Assist Grip for Vita 1000. Any color
-Light Pink Vita Slim
-Bundle cases. The ones from LE versions of games. Persona, colorful, neptunia. Used preferred. I like switching around my case. Will also buy random odds and ends from sets. Wrist straps, little dangle charms, etc.
-Nes classic. Trade for an SNES Classic?
-Everdrive 64 V3
-hdmi n64
-2 4-port usb 3.0 hubs.
-Wiiu 32gb model with Gamecube adapter, pro controller, and other odd and ends. Bonus if you have an external drive all hooked up.

Wanted non-gaming stuff:
Nice xxl clothing. Hoodies, plaid, flannel, shirts. James Perse size 5, Jason Scott, Goodlife, Vince, Aviator Nation. Also buying Pure Blue Japan size 40 or other denim with interesting wefts. A long shot but hey turn those clothes into video games with me!

Have: (Pictures on request)
-2x SNES Classic NiB
-Ps4 500gb Arkam knight bundle launch edition boxed with a near new pro model (model 2) controller in blister pack.
-1TB HD pulled from a new PS4 Pro
-Nyko vita 1000 charger grip. Holds charge and light turns green when fully charged.
-Night trap Ps4 new
-Night trap Ps4 collectors edition new
-Night trap pc/steam box new
-Night trap vinyl new
-4 lunar eternal blue working designs guides.
-N64 system gray with controller and hookups.
-Broken Ps3 che01 with a 250gb drive. Was shook up in shipping. Turns on but shows no video. Disc tray also not responding.
-3 $25 psn cards
-1 $10 eshop card

PDP Trigger Grip Vita 1000 New in box
Little Deviants complete
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus complete
Uncharted Golden Abyss complete

Ancient Megatokyo Swag:
Megatokyo branded Yakpak messenger bag
Megatokyo branded teddy bear
Megatokyo Beer Stein

The following have list is old but I still have all this stuff.
GBA Import
Summon Knight Swordcraft Story - Appears new, everything included.

PS2 Imports
Generation of Chaos V Deluxe Boxset First Print
Spectral Force Chronicle Deluxe Boxset First Print
Generations of Chaos III - New/Sealed
Generations of Chaos Next - New/Sealed

Akira Psycho Ball - This game is PAL. No idea where this game is from but it appears to be in English and Italian. Complete

PS1 Disc Only (Disc condition varies but I won't sell a game unless it works perfectly)
Tekken 3
Bloody Roar
Wild 9
Revolution X
Paradise Eve Disc 2
Chrono Cross
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man X 4
Mega Man X 5
Mega Man X 6
Mega Man 8
Evil dead Hail to the king
Legend of Ledaia
Armored Core
Saga Frontier
Jade Cocoon
The Granstream Saga
Monster Rancher 2
RPG Maker
Vandal Hearts
Threads of Fate
Resident Evil 2
Resident evil 3
Legacy of Kane Soul Reaver
Dino Crisis
Shadow Tower
Duke Nukem Time to kill
Duke nukem Total meltdown
GP Police
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear VR Missions
Fighting Force Collectors Edition
Alone in the dark
Dark Stone
Point Blank 2
Tenchi 2
Crusaders of might and magic
Die hard trilogy
Digimon Digital Monsters
Dance dance revolution Konamix
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
Spyro year of the dragon
Blaster master
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Gundam Battle Assault
Gundam Battle Assault 2
The X-files (Has manual)
Crash Bash (Has manual)
Crash Team Racing (Has manual)
Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (Has manual)
Red Alert Retaliation (Has front and back cover)

Parasite Eve disc 2
Red Alert Retaliation Disc 2

If you have something on my want list but don't see anything you like contact me anyway. I have a bunch of horror Blurays, anime DVD box sets, R2 Japanese anime boxsets, SNES, N64, etc games I'll dig up. Just tell me what you're looking for.