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Yesterday, 09:30 PM

Not only does it give you an elite MLG team, but it gives you the same team twice in a row. That has happened to me twice last week when I was basically two more wins away from a flawless. The only reason I'll play destiny is for trials, nightfall, and in the off chance I feel like completing the elder cipher bounty.


Witcher is a great game filled with content and story. I only wish Destiny had 1% of the total content Witcher has. 

Heck it has more dialogue than Destiny just in the prologue 

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Yesterday, 06:42 PM

Nightfall results: got my second Truth, my 6th Patience and Time, and some random assault rifle (rude awakening).


My god Witcher 3 is gigantic. I just got into Novigrad and it's like a medieval version of GTA 5.

Yeah its intense, and you haven't been to the other places yet. Also that freaking Gwent game is addicting. I haven't progressed in the game at all since I keep looking for more cards to add to my deck and people to play against. So far I won against everyone in Velen and yesterday beat everyone in Novigrad. 


Exploring the heck out of the map is a lot of fun (until you meat a level 20 or 30 enemy). Tried to play a little Destiny last night, but couldn't get into it. Now some friends want to go and beat Atheon or 32 Crota....no...just...no

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Yesterday, 02:33 PM

Beat Skolas, finished a cipher to get my 2nd Queenbreakers Bow, and got a Void Auto Rifle in the process.

I still have to finish my cipher from like a month or so ago (can't even remember). Just 100 points shy, but just too lazy.


Tried sniping last night and man it is way harder than it seems.


Also, how's batman :- ?

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01 July 2015 - 07:06 PM

Last night was a horrible night, got nothing from the NFs (thunder lord, purple engram and another legendary) granted all runs were 8 mins or less.


Went to the PoE 32 and we all backed out after the 1st round.  Just didn't feel like playing =| (and a guy keeps nagging to do Crota...f that. 75 clears I don't want to do that freaking Raid ever again)

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30 June 2015 - 05:25 PM

3 nightfalls = The Last Word, Dragons Breath, Sawtooth Oscillator.

7th go play batman already! I've been having mad fun playing the Witcher and that freaking Gwent card game. Tough I have Arkham Knight, I'm trying to finish Arkham City.


Not even gonna try to do the IB since I don't need anything from it. At this point I have 6 guns with me at all times (IB,BH, Ghorn, Fate, Messenger, Felwinter's ) and other combinations depending on burns. And for PvP is Red Death, Thorn or Last Word, Felwinter's and any sniper + Ash Factory. Those are really all the guns you need for anything in this game, and with the management app, moving them around is easy as heck