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Blog SolidJake > David Jaffe Speaks Out Against Story Telling in Games

Posted 10 February 2012

Twisted Metal and God of War creator took the stage at the Dice Summit 2012 to share his thoughts on the direction that he believes the video game industry is heading in. He gave an amazing short speech about his opinions on the matter and why he thinks that story telling should be removed from video games and how we should get back to the core mechanics....

Blog SolidJake > Top 5 Worst Sequels to a Video Game

Posted 06 February 2012

We've all been there. Waiting in eager anticipation for the next installment of our favorite series to be released. It's been teased for years, shown off at multiple E3's, and graced the covers of every video game magazine there is. It's the midnight opening, we rush to our local Gamestop and wait with all of the other sweaty fans panting and raving...

Blog SolidJake > Why Call of Duty SUCKS

Posted 02 February 2012

A Brief History Lesson First (I know, I know, I'm sorry):

When trying to discuss why Call of Duty is as bad as it is, I have to go back to it's origin. The first Call of Duty was released on PC by whom we now know very well as Infinity Ward. See, before they were Infinity Ward, they were employed at EA working on the Medal of Honor Franchise. EA was not...

Blog SolidJake > Video Game Bosses

Posted 02 February 2012

Do you remember growing up playing games on NES and Playstation? You fought your way through several terribly difficult stages with very minimal checkpoints in almost every title imaginable. What was all of this trouble leading up to? The end boss. Yeah, there was nothing better than finally getting a glimpse of that stupid son of a bitch that has be...