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Blog bmulligan > I got My Move On V - Aragorn's Quest

Posted 15 December 2010

Having played the Lord of the Rings games on the PS2, I was very excited to see that Aragorn's Quest was a Move launch title. I expected some updated graphics, some great 1:1 hack and slash gameplay with my new Move, and a delightful re-telling of the LOTR story. Sadly, all of my expectations were crushed within seconds of booting up this miserable piec...

Blog bmulligan > I Got My Move On IV - Zombie Style

Posted 19 November 2010

High from my acceptable experience with Sports Champions, I decided to give the Heavy Rain demo another try. This time there was a successful result - well, sort of. I won't mince words here so I'll just relate that this is a debacle that never should have left the planning stages. This game is virtually unplayable with the Move.

There's a certain...

Blog bmulligan > I Got my Move on III

Posted 18 November 2010

I received Sports Champions in the mail a few days ago from a Goozex member who, no doubt, was through with his motion control experiment. I am happy to report a pleasant experience from my own laboratory, and that I won't be trading this game back anytime soon. Sports Champions does deliver on the motion control front. As I've read from others' testi...

Blog bmulligan > I got My Move On II

Posted 10 November 2010

Another round of demos with the new move controller yielded the following results:

Kung Fu Riders is a humbling experience. Not for me, but for Sony and the desperate attempt to full genre slots for their new controller/platform launch. It's the only rational justification I can think of as to why this game was published at the launch of this new "sys...

Blog bmulligan > I got my Move On

Posted 09 November 2010

I love me some motion controls. I've been a fan of them for many, many years. From power glove and U-force, to dance pads and Eye Toy, I love them all. I've even bought almost all those crappy plug-in games that always disappoint. The urge could not be resisted to wait for Santa to bring me this new piece of technology.

I also love my Wii. It'...