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In Topic: Dark Souls is kicking my ass....

27 January 2016 - 07:56 PM

You think dark souls is the hardest of the bunch? Doesn't bode well for me bc I doubt there's much opportunity for summons at this point in the game's life cycle hah.

And yes, bloodborne is a ton of fun that was without a doubt a great reason to finally pick up a ps4. My second time through I've been using the blades of mercy. They wreck individual enemies so fast. Not that great against big guys and bosses though bc it takes so long to stagger them. Haven't really used the kirkhammer though bc of how long it takes to swing. Maybe I'll give it another try.

In Topic: Dark Souls is kicking my ass....

27 January 2016 - 08:54 AM

I'm an oddball here bc I played a little of demon souls about 3 years ago when it was free w/ ps+....long story short, didnt care for it at the time. Then a buddy of mine talked me into picking up ds2 after a ton of protest from me. I absolutely loved it!!! Put at least 200 hrs into it (which for a dad of 2 thats a ton of time).


Then the xb1 came out and I kind of shelved my 360 and I never made it back to playing Dark Souls. I bought scholar of the first sin, put another 150 or so hrs into ds2 in again hah. I also recently bought a ps4 honestly primarily to play Bloodborne, which I recently finished and am working through ng+ and the dlc. 


So tonight I finally got back around to hooking up my 360 and dove into the original dark souls. I guess its time since ds3 is fast approaching. I was worried that the game would look pretty dated since Ive pretty much only played ps4 or xb1 games over the last 2.5 years, but I've got to say the first couple hours worth of graphics look pretty good. The main thing is the crazy difference in speed between this and Bloodborne....wow what a change!! (but now I can use my shield if i so choose hah)



Whats everybody elses thoughts on rank of difficulty across the franchise? Since ive only completed 2 of the games I can only speak for them and I think Bloodborne slightly edges out DS2 in difficulty, but the dlc in DS2 is really rough in spots.

In Topic: CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

03 December 2015 - 05:07 AM

Fellas, I recently finally completed my collection of current gen systems after buying a PS4 on Black Friday.


First question, what games are yalls "must purchase" PS4 exclusives so far in the generation? The only ones I've picked up so far are Bloodborne and Rocket League. 


Second, how are yall deciding between PS4 and XB1 for purchasing multiplatform games? I know in the previous gen most of your purchases were 360 because of the community and XBL. It seems to me like that has flipped because of PS plus and more PS4's in the consumer's hands than the XB1. Has this been the case for yall?


PS - Please, please let me hear Cheapy and Wombat say "yall". That'd be worth the price I pay for my CAG premium membership any day of the week  

In Topic: GameStop and Amazon: Wii U GameCube Adapter

08 March 2015 - 08:27 AM

Lol just like Nintendo... Just like with every single Amiibo, Zelda CE game and CE console/handheld, they are leaving all the money for scalpers on the table. At least with this, we can resort to 3rd party version off ebay or amazon for about the same price. You don't want my $20 Nintendo? Guess what, Jimmy Bootlegger does so I guess he'll be the one to get it. FU Nintendo


take your pick

Can't agree more. I've been actively (very freaking actively!) trying to give Nintendo money with all of the items you listed, but I of course can't find any of them in stock so I get hosed by paying some dude on eBay 200% of the value of the item instead of Nintendo. When is nintendo going to wake up and stop skimping on supply? I understand they are conservative with production due to cost and uncertainty, but this has gotten ridiculous in the past few years!!

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 2/22-2/28

22 February 2015 - 06:23 PM

Do amiibo and disney infinity characters discount with GCU?