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[H] Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Bundle [W] $147 PayPal / Venmo

11 May 2018 - 04:52 AM

Includes 5 items (all brand new) and free shipping


-- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for Nintendo Switch 

-- Donkey Kong Yathzee Collectors Edition by Usapoly

-- Donkey Kong Plush by Little Buddy

-- Donkey Kong Wired Controller by Power A

-- Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Case 






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Friendly advice, listia credits are now a cryptocurrencie

13 March 2018 - 01:38 AM

I know some of you are or were on listia. But if you dont know about this site, listia is like eBay, and auction site but you dont use real money. The bids used to be with a point system called credits but credits will be replaced with a new system wich is also a criptocurrency and its called ink. You can read more about the ink protocol in the official page paywithink.com


The ink protocol token is called XNK, each XNK is currently worth 0.14 cts on listia (because that was the price in the token sale) but its arround 0.05 cts if you want to exchange for eth (you can check current price on coinmarketcap.com). Yes, due to various factors currently the token value is below the expected, but xnk was launched a couple weeks ago so the best is yet to come


Even if you are not a cryptocurrencie enthusiast this a good and safe way to start. You can get some easy xnk tokens and forget about them for a while or you can spend it on the listia market. Also, maybe in the near future if the token has enough acceptation inside the cag community we can also use it on the trading forums


If you want to be my referal you can use this code BJHGJN or click on the link and you will 5 XNK added to your store credit once you complete your first auction. Even if you dont want to be my referral, give listia.com a chance. Their project is very interesting, they are working on more parnertships so you can use the tokens on other marketplaces.


Here are some recommendations to get xnk:


  • If you are a non active listia user and have some credits on your account, you can exchange 3850 credits for 1 xnk
  • List your unwanted game codes from bundles, a lot of users are trading codes for cash but if you dont have luck selling o trading, list these codes, theres a lot of users interested in games
  • If you are worried about your auction will end on a lowball, you can set a fixed price for your item. Listia will get a 10% fee of the price.
  • Giftcards sell well on listia (specially amazon). New users have some restrictions on the giftcards section but they will disappears when you get some feedback
  • Also you can sell playstation, xbox, nintendo cards on the prepaids codes and cards section on videogames category
  • Retro games / consoles sold good too, you can set auction to make the buyer pay for the shipping, but auctions with free shipping get more bids
  • You can also sell your codes for movies like VUDU, recent movies get a lot of bids.
  • Collectible items like funkos get good bids too.
  • Not everything have to be games related, obviously you can search in your home for items you dont use anymore
  • You can earn more xnk from special offers, online surveys or watching videos (offertoro, peanut labs, trialpay, etc) But the earned tokens from these offers goes to your store credit. The only difference between your store credit and your balance is that you only can use your store credit to bid on listia, you can send your tokens from your balance to  virtual wallet compatible with ERC20 token (like myetherwallet.com)

If you have questions about it feel free to ask and I will try to help you :)