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Blog Lord_Kefka > Bought the Elgato Game Capture HD

Posted 01 June 2012

After having the Hauppage recorder on my wish list for years, I caught wind of the new game capture device and talked myself into getting it. Perhaps it was the HDMI connectors or the fact it was a hyped and sparkly new product. I had put this off as a luxury item, but now decided it's a hobby item.

So now I'm deciding what to record and trying to find...

Blog Lord_Kefka > CheapAssGamer COG's #2 - Currently in 5th place overall!

Posted 21 September 2011

Hopefully some members of this group will see this blog posting and remember to jump online and start racking up the achievements. Don't be discouraged, we may not finish first, but I think there were prizes for the top 3 or 5 groups. So let's keep fighting the good fight here in Gears 3! I'm working on the 4 player campaign run on Hardcore, should be...

Blog Lord_Kefka > Well played Microsoft

Posted 16 October 2010

IMAG0182 by PJL80 , on Flickr

October 2007 - October 2010. Even if I could find my receipt and information, I don't think they are going to honor a warranty. Fuck.

I just had to charge a shitload of money yesterday too on my card. And now this happens. RROD. It doesn't show in the...

Blog Lord_Kefka > Would you buy a house in this economy?

Posted 26 August 2010

I've been in the system for awhile now. Saving, raising my credit score, speaking with bank loan officers to make sure my debt to income ratio is manageable. But as soon as I finished looking at houses this past weekend, I start to catch signs. NPR piece on the advantages of renting. This article front-paging Comcast's news section:


Blog Lord_Kefka > Must-have apps for Android?

Posted 04 June 2010

Today was the day. I've had the same RAZR phone since 2006, and finally upgraded. I switched over to Sprint and picked up the Evo 4G. I've done light reading and asked co-workers about the best Apps, but I want to know what CAG thinks. Obviously, free apps are loved by us cheap-asses, but it's all about quality.

Any other cool tips, tricks or easte...