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Blog Number83 > Because I haven't Blogged in a while...

Posted 20 January 2009

...Here you go.

That's it!

What are you still doing here? Shoo, Shoo...

Blog Number83 > Diet and Exercise...

Posted 03 July 2008

...Is the pits! I'll admit I'm not really watching what I eat, I'm just cutting back on the portions. But I've been going to the gym everyday (sometimes twice if we don't play hoops at lunch...a blog for another day) for the past 4 weeks. So far I've only lost 4 lbs. SO at this pace, by next year I'll have lost 52 lbs! Which is more than I want to lo...

Blog Number83 > What a terrible night to have a curse...

Posted 02 July 2008

I already have a blog on another website, so I guess there is no reason I can't move it here.

My top 5 games that I hope to finish by year's end:
5. Devil May Cry 4
4. Lost Odyssey
3. God of War 2
2. Fable 2
1. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed