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In Topic: CAGLS: Madden 13 Gentlemen's League - We Finished! Thanks for Playing...

19 May 2013 - 07:32 PM

That makes even less sense. My statement was that I was making an effort to play tough opponents, while you were asking to play the CPU immediately. Nothing about that is untrue and nothing about it has anything to do with the skill of your opponents.

But whatever, man. I don't know why this shit always get retreaded over. The policy has been and always will be, wait until the last day you're available to play your game. If you have a legitimate reason for needing to play the CPU sooner, come in here and say what your legitimate reason is. But if we have people getting into this "I'd really rather not have to play on a weekday" stuff, how in the hell do any games get played? I guess we should move to a 7 day advancement schedule?

I was just stating that i wasnt saying anything about pitfall! Go ahead and sim my game then so we can be fair and make sure you make the playoffs

I GAVE YOU THE REASON because I do have a job during the week and would rather not wait if I DONT HAVE TO BECAUSE ITS A CPU TEAM FROM ALL THE FACTS BROUGHT UP. I answered your question with a legitimate reason, why wait on a game which all odds say that it is going to be played by a cpu. I did my due diligence and messaged him before I posted anything in the thread about him and again messaged him after.

You can open up the Texans. Im sure your as tired of me as I am of you so open them up and ensure its a fair division for you. I was staying in spite of you but i realize its not worth it especially in the last season when most of the games seem to be against the cpu or against teams who havent played games in a while and havent responded to PM's or anything.

TAKE THIS "fair" and so called "gentleman's league" and shove it up your ass. Some may like you as a commish but I feel its only because there arent any other leagues besides yours and the main league.

In Topic: CAGLS: Madden 13 Gentlemen's League - We Finished! Thanks for Playing...

19 May 2013 - 07:00 PM

All right...I'll indulge you. *puts on bad guy hat* Take your pot shots and your barbs at me. They're adorable. You still didn't answer the question of why you need to play the CPU the day after we advance. You have 3 days to find 45 minutes of time to play the CPU if he does in fact never respond. You messaged him yesterday and today. Ok...well, today is still TODAY, so how can that even be counted as an opportunity for him to respond?

The best argument you have here is that it's been around 24 hours since you reached out and you haven't heard from him. Is that a reasonable complaint? I think so. But it still doesn't address the fact that the deadline is 3 days away. Are you going out of town? Do you have to work 12 hour shifts the next 2 days? Do you anticipate slipping into a coma this evening? All I asked was if there was a reason the game NEEDED to be played that soon...and why the chance couldn't be afforded (even if it's slim) that he might respond and say "yeah, hey...I've been curious about playing you. I'd like to play."

And are you seriously referencing pitfallharry's record as a legitimate reason for him not being a tough opponent? And you think I'M a douche? lol. Wow...disrespectful as Fuck to someone who is always competitive and has won two championships in this league for God's sake. Seriously, man. It is incredibly amusing how much your disdain for me can cloud your judgment and your potential for rational thought. My hat is truly off to you, sir.

...3-7 is what MY opponents record is big guy! I wasn't referring to pitfall at all! You said referred to giving your "tough opponents" a chance to play so I pointed out MY opponents record. Haha talk about clouded judgment. Reason is I can't play tomorrow and don't want to play on a weekday If I can play today.

In Topic: CAGLS: Madden 13 Gentlemen's League - We Finished! Thanks for Playing...

19 May 2013 - 05:50 PM

Is there a reason you NEED to play the CPU 3 days before advance? I get that he hasn't been responsive to other people and hasn't played in a while, but you could at least give the guy a chance. My opponent was pitfallharry this past week, and he told me that he wasn't really planning on playing his games unless his opponent contacted him. But we took the time and set up something for the day of the deadline.

And I've got troy this week, who hasn't played his last several games. But I'm at least trying to set something up with these guys...and not just begging to play the CPU the day after advance. So, I'm waiting until the last day to play tough opponents and you asking to play the CPU almost immediately. That seems like a fair division race...

I messaged him yesterday and today. Apologize for not saying that But I get your point. Tough opponent? 3-7 I believe? I'll wait to make it fair for you though! Appreciate the tone you used to Albeit your usually douchy tone it was nice to hear from you and be called out for trying to make the division race unfair

Doesn't take much to see someone is blue, not breathing an has no pulse and has been laying there for 4 weeks..lets give them a chance to get back up and work around their schedule because obviously they care!

Good luck with Troy!

In Topic: CAGLS: Madden 13 Gentlemen's League - We Finished! Thanks for Playing...

19 May 2013 - 03:33 AM

I don't think he's played a single game. He never responded to my messages the 2 times I was scheduled to play him.

Ahh ok thanks! Based on that I'm going to go ahead and play. I don't want to wait last minute

Edit: The game won't load in for some reason! It's stuck in the loading screen 4 times now. This happen to anyone else?

In Topic: CAGLS: Madden 13 Gentlemen's League - We Finished! Thanks for Playing...

19 May 2013 - 12:00 AM

I messages the Patriots owner earlier this morning. I haven't seen him in here lately. He's still playing I'm assuming?