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In Topic: Xbox One S 500GB BF1 Bundle $255 + Free $50 Gift Card & 3 Month...

29 November 2016 - 01:57 AM

Can anyone confirm if it's a hard copy of Battlefield 1 or a code?

It's a digital copy.

In Topic: Please delete my account

13 November 2016 - 06:52 AM

I don't think we(mods) have the ability to "delete" accounts.

In Topic: Can we reconsider what goes in the Free section vs. Deals section?

13 November 2016 - 06:48 AM

This is pretty much the criteria we go by. :)

In Topic: Accepting Paypal friends & family/gifting payments on CAG. (Updated 6/15/...

15 June 2016 - 07:36 PM

I've also seen people say in their tradelists that they "only accept Paypal F&F or you pay fees"
Could we possibly disallow the use of this kind of wording in tradelists as well?
Just wondering.

Kind of "weasel words" for this sort of thing are "$xx.xx amount to me."
That is, as opposed to saying "This item is $40.00" (which would mean the buyer pays $40.00, and the seller gets that amount minus fees," the buyer is expected to pay an amount which results in the seller getting $40.00 - whether by doing Gift/Friends&Family, or by paying the fee on the amount.
Granted, the seller could just say the item is $41 (or whatever), and there wouldn't be anything inherently wrong with that.
But to list it as $40, with the expectation of getting $40, is to intend to work around the fees.


God, I'd have to report the last 20 people I've bought from on here...I'm so used to it that it doesn't even phase me anymore, I just check their feedback before I pay...

I wonder if it would even be any better if people just added the 2.39% or whatever the fee is for the total intended cost or if people would still look at that price as if "asking to pay the fees" unless it's rounded up nicely. I just imagine people would secretly scorn once they see it's obvious they added in the total. 

I only see this stopping if people get very long trade bans for doing this, but I can't imagine most people report it.

Bump for relevance.

The new changes listed in the OP starting today should address some of these issues going forward.

In Topic: Trading/Feedback Rules/Guidelines - ALL CAGs MUST READ - UPDATED 6/15/2016

15 June 2016 - 07:00 PM

It was just informed to me by another member that preorders aren't allowed for trade anymore. I've done successful trades involving preorders in the past, so I just wanted to clarify. I'm assuming the rule was added because of a few different reasons, being Paypal's dispute time-limit and the retailer canceling preorders. Personally, I tend avoid Paypal anyways and make it clear to my buyers that this is the case. I also don't ask for payment until close to the release of the item, and lastly if the retailer cancels the item after payment was issued, I would refund myself right away (never happened before). Selling as a preorder as opposed to waiting until release has a few benefits for both me as a seller, and the buyer. I don't up-charge my preorders to eBay prices, which tend to surpass 100 or even 200% of the item's original cost, and in order to keep the item cost's down, my shipping costs are free with preorders. Also involving shipping, many times the free shipping is Release day shipping. If I received the item and then sent it out, chances are it could take an extra week and I would have to tack on an extra $10 for shipping (cheapest being $9 via USPS for small items).
I just wanted to double check before I removed my listing. I also wouldn't mind charging until after the item shipped if the buyer has enough feedback.

If it is within 7 days before launch date, you can list your pre-order for sale here. I have made adjustments to the OP with this info.