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Blog xFaith > TEC CAG weekly update

Posted 25 April 2012

Well Here is what I hope will soon become a weekly thing for me on CAG,As I already Do On Youtube I am Going To start a Weekly Clan News Update.Well Without Further Explaining:

Since The Clan war began Between TEC and DGK arguments Started to Heat Up and So did our battles,We sone found ourselves in a tight spot.It was 3 Days After I beat The DGK clan L...

Blog xFaith > The Entourage Clan-TEC

Posted 09 April 2012

I am Currently Looking to move my clan Here and I need a Little Help From Some CAGs,To view the Cllan Page on this website follow this link:

Heres Some More Info:

The Entourage Clan-TEC is a friendly yet compettitive clan,we are looking to make a fun envroment fo gamers.

check us out on CALL...

Blog xFaith > Happy Easter!!!

Posted 08 April 2012

Just Wanted To Say Happy Easter To all CAGs and Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


Blog xFaith > Profile Help!!

Posted 22 March 2012

1.. I have been having trouble trying to use the the signature below but I can only upload on posts but not to my signature

Blog xFaith > CAG Xbox 360 Gaming

Posted 20 March 2012

Help Me Start an XBOX only CAG group!!!

I need Help starting this group,I need help starting new discussions and topics,and Hopefully later on I will be able to have giveaways on it and It could be CAGs group for everything xbox

to join click here