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In Topic: CAGcast #570: Brownout

06 December 2018 - 02:56 PM

I would argue that Cheapy looks more like Corey Stoll (villain in Ant-Man) than Jeff Bezos. Watching both House of Cards S1 and Ant-Man, the entire time I was just thinking that Cheapy's in it.

In Topic: CAGcast #567: 31 From 6 to 8

06 November 2018 - 04:47 PM

4pm is absurdly early for trick-or-treating. Barely anyone is home from work at that time. The only time we've ever gotten anyone showing up before 6pm is when someone was bringing a toddler around. 6-8pm is definitely more normal, but having some preordained time period set in stone is weird as well. We just have a common time window that people generally follow, but nothing scheduled. Really, you don't start seeing the rush here until after 7, and it starts dying down at 8:30.

But we only got 5 kids total this year; it was ridiculous. Heard some talk that people were maybe feeling a bit unsafe this year, and sat it out.


I understand Wombat's RDR 2 complaints, but I don't necessarily agree with them. I think a large reason why it caused such "controversy" (aside from the fact that people simply enjoy arguing on the internet) is what Cheapy said at one point - if the option was there, they'd feel compelled to use it. I'm the same. I once started a new character in Skyrim with the intention of not using fast travel, since I heard it was a fun/immersive thing to do. I don't think I lasted even 2 hours before I caved. Once the option is there, it becomes way too enticing to not use it. I'm not saying that the way RDR 2 is currently is the most ideal and perfect, but I can see why Rockstar elected to not have fast travel.

In Topic: CAGcast #527: Poe Strikes Back

01 January 2018 - 02:24 AM

*shrug* I liked the movie. Saw it a second time today, and still enjoyed it. As a huge Star Wars fan, I spent a lot of my time reading a ton of the Expanded Universe novels. Then Disney bought SW and scrapped all of it. So I'm just along for the ride with whatever they end up doing in these movies. If they were adapting those old novels, I'd probably be more critical of it if they changed stuff. But now, I'm just content with being able to watch more Star Wars. Cheapy is absolutely not wrong to dislike the movie, but him being incredibly petulant about it isn't a good look.

However, it was fairly amusing to hear Cheapy, who regularly shits on the prequels, say that Revenge of the Sith "wasn't that bad" and was better than The Last Jedi.


Also, about Rey leaving the big evil ship after the lightsaber/guard fight: