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13 March 2016 - 08:22 AM

tonights BRo night division update: Karma's a bitch

Due to last night's rogue adventures in the dz with laney last night, it came back to bite me in the ass tonight in dz. HEadpiece n I decided to do a run with a few missions and headed to the darkzone for some loot. everything started fine. we were able to extract on our first try no problem.

but during the second extraction, i tried to hijack some1 else's extraction( some1 alrady called for an extraction, so i wanted to jump in without having to wait), and i ended up eating bullets, because i got too relax, and did not realize the 4 other ppl there were in a group. as soon as i went to press F to extract, i had bullet holes put through me. lay there bleeding out, because being taken down, hearing someone yell over the mic: " this is our extraction".
As me n headpiece continue our adventures through to the sports store landmark place/ dz 02 or 03 area. we were met by constant players turning rogue, and gettng ganked hard by groups of 4 players. this lasted about 1 hr, and me being stubborn try to taking revenge n ended up dying several times. Finally a manhunt was called on the group that killed us first ( there were atleast 2 -3 different rogue groups that ganked me n headpiece). Sadly we missed the manhunt, because of the high lvl enemy spawn trapping us in the safehouse area, by the time we cleared the creeps. manhunt was over

over the next few hrs, me n headpiece extracted easily, until we ran into two solo players who turn rogue, and attacked because we were too nice. one was a female char, who were crouching in cover next to us, we just stood there not being aware, and she took us out. when we respawned, we got our revenge by killing her ,after chasing her down. Another player turn rogue on us, and killed us while me n headpiece was in a busy firefight with some name yellow bosses. after those two incidents, we extracted a few more times, and called it a night because our stash was fulll

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13 March 2016 - 08:11 AM

Hmm. Are you sure you don't have me confused with someone else? I ran several story missions early on with some non-CAG friends, but since then I don't recall receiving any in-game invites or having people join me. I especially don't recall leaving anyone's game session.

is ur uplay id : motiv7?

if u want more proof, even headpiece was there today when i tried to invite u to group session, with u ignoring the invite

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12 March 2016 - 09:40 PM


Those are some great tips and that's pretty similar to how I've been playing. I was wondering why I was getting more blue loot drops with some regularity, but I thought it had more to do with my level (18-19) until I looked into that Scavenging ability. Pretty cool.
I've played with all weapon types so far but I seem to gravitate towards equipping an AR as my primary, a marksman rifle as my secondary, and a shotgun to polish off those that get too close. A good marksman rifle I find to be very useful in the Division as you can pick off (headshot) lower health enemies and also give good chunk damage to any purple/yellow shielded enemies.
I suppose I haven't been paying attention to vendor inventory as much because I sell off anything that I don't currently need. Is there a vendor that sells weapon skins? The only one I have is the skin from that one Uplay 30-point unlock you can do. 
I still haven't seen a sawed off shotgun drop so the drop rate must be fairly low.
As I've progressed I like to clear out sections of the city one by one and complete all side missions, find the collectibles, and complete each story mission on hard. However, there are two stupid ECHO recordings that won't disappear from my map so I was curious if anyone else had the same issue. There is one in Chelsea that appears stuck inside of a building and I spent far too long looking for an entrance but I think it must be a glitch. The other is in Tenderloin and of a recording of a guy with an asthma inhaler that gets torched by a cleaner. Your ECHO progress shows you've collected it but it stays on the map, so it must be an error and hopefully it will be fixed later.
Still having a blast with the game. I think I've added or accepted most everyone here, but if not I'm Motiv7 over in Uplay-ville.
Hi pasports31!   :wave:

lol, not to sound like an asshole, but u never accept invites, and when i joined u, u just leave. LOL u clearly want to play alone.

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12 March 2016 - 06:11 PM

Just fakeybro The Division. Thank me later when it appears in the next Ubisoft bundle in the third tier.

what is ur uplay id?

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12 March 2016 - 05:41 PM

Level 5 here.  I need to grind before I can even do the next two missions. They are Level 7 and 8. ;Tried to do them and got slaughtered.

you n indef shoudl player together, since u are around the same level