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Blog cochesecochese > One last call of desperation

Posted 31 March 2010

I've already posted this up on the Asia section of the forums but didn't get much in the way of responses. This is a kind of last ditch effort so just feel free to ignore it if you like.


On April 3rd in Tokyo there is going to be some kind of Mother related event at the Namco Wonder Park. There will be previews of new Mother merch, a chance for...

Blog cochesecochese > My My Katamari!

Posted 11 December 2009

Sooooo Penny Arcade finally released the winners of their Katamari Forever contest. I didn't take a prize but I figured I'd share my entry here anyways.

The Winner:

Second Place:


Blog cochesecochese > NOBY NOBY - The BIG PUSH to Mars

Posted 22 May 2009

Some of you may have been reading the Noby Noby thread and following it along. I have some news.

Today's final bonus multiplier is 765. That means for every meter you stretch you will get it multiplied by 765 until midnight. We are now at a total of 60 billion meters which puts us about 15 billion away from Mars. If everyone really pushes and stretch...

Blog cochesecochese > NOBYNOBYBOY stretch tactics

Posted 16 March 2009

A couple of folks were asking about how to stretch boy like crazy and rack up the points so I thought I'd detail my two main methods for this real quickly in case any other CAGs want to help get to Mars.

The Auto Method

This was actually discovered by someone over at GameFAQs so I can't take credit for it. Make sure the controller auto-off function is...

Blog cochesecochese > Yes, I am actually proud of this.

Posted 16 March 2009

Sad but true.