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In Topic: Gamestop Used "Pre-Owned" sale 4 games for $10 4/27-5/17

29 April 2015 - 09:26 PM

Is there anybody that works at Gamestop that can explain to me why do you guys (& girls) ALWAYS give me the generic black case and or a Platinum hits version of a game? Especially when i CLEARLY spend 30 mins to an hour finding the perfect book and perfect box art and perfect case in the store? I've returned to gamestop 3 times in the past 2 days alone just because i've (after getting the box/art/book problem solved) go home and realize i've gotten a platinum hits CD in nearly every game i've brought home. I even went out of this sales way, to buy a copy of "Far Cry Compilation" only to take the discs out of the yellow sleeve and find out that the copy of Far Cry 3 was platinum hits??? This isnt a problem at my local store since they know how i am and they just rock in general, but tracking down other games in other stores always seem to be the same deal. "take my copy, place my copy on back desk, find same game in drawer, give me game in drawer" Im not renting these things, im collecting them! lol, - End Rant.
Edit: P.S. I DO check the CDs more often then not, but last two days have been very busy and had to be home for the family in time. Happy Wife = Happy Life.

You don't sound happy when you wrote an entire rant about something that could've been prevented if you had the time to check the discs instead of rushing home to make your wife happy lol

In Topic: Titanfall $7.99 at best buy for Xbox One

24 April 2015 - 08:44 AM

I was able to get the Titanfall collector's edition for $91.88 (used, in very good condition) earlier today so I'm happy. I don't even have an Xbox though so it's unfortunate that I can't actually play the game, but that massive statue was just too tempting especially for that much of a discount from the original price of $250.

In Topic: BEYOND: Two Souls (PS3) $9.99 New @ Gamestop

18 December 2014 - 07:10 AM

Fell victim to Gamestop's antics once again.


Reserved in two different stores via their site. Both emailed saying it was ready to pick up. Called the first and was told it wasn't a steelbook edition, though I don't think she understood what I was asking. Called the second and was told that all of their copies are steelbooks.


Took the 45 minute trip only to be told it was the last copy, which didn't surprise me at all. When I asked if it was the steelbook, like I had been told over the phone, he told me that the case was actually stolen off of the wall. Give me a break. He then told me another local Gamestop had 16 of them in stock. Called that store before wasting my time going and was told that they didn't have any. Tried another Gamestop across the street and, again, nothing.


Might be able to get it at the original store I was going to go to, that supposedly had the regular edition, but I'm turned off at this point. Rather wait a bit more to see if a PS4 version is released. Once again, Gamestop has wasted my time and energy. I had nothing against this company until recently, and now I completely understand why some people can't stand them.

I made an online reservation for a used copy of COD: AW a few weeks ago. After receiving the email confirming that the game has been reserved and is ready for pickup, I instantly left and drove 30 minutes to get it. Got there, and showed the guy the email, and he confirmed that they had processed the reservation request but had a confused look when he couldn't find the game behind the counter. He asked the other employee if he's seen it, and he says "oh sorry I just sold it to another customer a few minutes ago." Apparently the guy who processed the request didn't actually check to make sure the game was put behind the counter before sending out the email saying that my order is ready for pickup, and had asked the other guy to save the game (which he didn't). I guess I had reserved it literally within minutes after someone traded it in, but someone saw it and bought it at the store instantly. I asked if there was something that can be done for wasting my time, like selling me a new copy as used or something else but they just basically apologized and said they can't do anything about it (I was planning on using the 20% off BDay coupon, so it was actually a $20 difference between a Used and a New copy after the Used discount, BDay discount, and PUR discount). I drove an hour all for nothing. Should've called up customer service on the spot and have them figure something out because that's just unacceptable.

In Topic: GameStop coupon for $5 off by downloading Tyrant Unleashed

29 August 2014 - 05:45 PM

I think we should focus more on the fact you love negative attention.

Parental issues are showing.

Negative attention? wtf are you talking about? I'm looking forward to this. It's the people arguing morals that love the negative attention and can't shut up and accept a fantastic money saving opportunity.

In Topic: GameStop coupon for $5 off by downloading Tyrant Unleashed

29 August 2014 - 05:38 PM

Here I come again GameStop!!!!

Also, "Using more than one coupon is immoral" comments in 3....2....1....