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Blog kazo > Regaining my place

Posted 15 February 2013

Hi guys, it's been a very long time! I remember making a blog about how I needed help to move and even asking the community for donations *sigh*. I feel stupid about it now but I guess I needed the humiliation because it woke me up to a lot of things.

Well for one, I told myself that I never want to be broke ever again and I am (and to my girlfriend's di...

Blog kazo > I need help :(

Posted 01 June 2010

I am going to a rough patch in my life at the moment and if I don't move i'll be pretty much homeless.. I've sold a ton of my things and I've only made $2,550 out of $3,000 that I need to move into my house. Needless to say if I don't get the $450 then I am fucked. And what sucks is I don't start my job til' the beginning of July and I have to move next w...

Blog kazo > New to the blogsphere here!

Posted 06 March 2010

Hi all! I am kinda new to blogging (well here anyway) but now I think would be a good time to start so I can keep up with everything I do gaming wise.

Well recently I have started getting on ebay more and I just got a PSOne! If I knew how to solder then I could mod it to play the Import PS1 games I picked up. What did I get? So far I own Tenchu 1(JP), To...