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In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

01 August 2015 - 05:09 AM

Couldn't you just do a Cloud back up for save files on the Vita?

In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

31 July 2015 - 08:28 PM

How big of a difference is it? I want the Vita game so I can take it with me and use it on my PSTV.

I played the Vita version, I didn't notice any slowdowns and it runs pretty smooth. However, I did a minor complaint in the PSN thread about the loading screen flash for casting animations in combat. Don't know if that is still present in the PS3 version, if it is, I wouldn't say you are going to loose much performance wise going for the Vita version. I think this type of game is a perfect fit for the Vita though.

In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

31 July 2015 - 03:42 PM

Mine's coming from BBY today, thanks to GCU. The traitor system sold me, otherwise I thought it was just going to be a standard SRPG.

I'm quite enjoying the combat, which is very similar to Valkyria Chronicles 1 on the PS3. And a pretty deep skill tree for each character.


Still trying to get the hang of the traitor system.

In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

31 July 2015 - 12:10 AM

What the hell did I walk into?

Thought provoking, intelligent conversations and non-aggressive logical debates. Which is fitting for Vita owners.


*gentlemen meme here*



In Topic: Cheap PS Vita Games Thread

30 July 2015 - 10:05 PM

I've never seen one of these magical GS stores you mentioned. Best Buy at least will compensate for a mix up or problem. Prime example the Batman AK Batmobile CE. Best Buy gave $50 credits for the mix up. GS says we'll give you the New 52 Skin DLC which was free for anybody.

I would say for me, GS is a shitty company as far as corporate practices go. And the Batmobile incident is indeed a prime example, I know I don't "deserve" anything but since all of the competitors (Amazon, BBY) displayed generosity it leaves me kind of bitter. There are many more examples that we all know.


But when it comes to individual store associates, BBY has been horrible for me. Their trade-in system is a joke for Californians (fingerprints, DL scan and paper signatures), their cashiers are usually clueless about anything, and often times just chatting with other cashiers and mindlessly scanning my items. GS on the other hand, the stores on the nice neighborhoods (e.g. Irvine, Cupertino or Sunnyvale) have nice people that actually smiles (not meaning to provoke wink and hush jabs here) and talks to you. They ask you about how you are enjoying your games, and tells you about their promotions. Yeah it's all for you to spend more money on preorders, but as long as I'm polite when turning them down they usually understand that my financial situation cannot allow me to splurge.


Lost Dimensions is great, buy it.