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Today, 03:50 AM

Put your computer to sleep instead of turning it off - same thing. It's not some magical feature that consoles thought up.

Pretty sure consoles paved the way for streaming with the included cameras.

At least that's the garbage IGN said.

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Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Woo better trade in GTAV then, $40 for that is good

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Yesterday, 04:31 AM

GTA V has Steam Achievement since you seem to are about those. That's probably only difference. No Steam Cloud.

Wait it doesn't have Steam cloud? That's not worth it then IMO.

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Yesterday, 04:14 AM

Any reason to go with the Steam version of GTAV if I already have the box copy version? I didn't know a year ago it wasn't a Steam code in there and see it's on sale.


I bought the Witcher 3 on Steam despite having a GOG version for cloud saving and achievements. Wasn't sure if there was a huge advantage to getting Steam GTAV.

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25 September 2016 - 04:20 PM

Axiom Verge is the closest thing to Metroid we're going to get for awhile. Highly recommend.