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In Topic: Smaller/Obscure/Limited Physical Release Deals and Discussion Thread

20 January 2017 - 03:05 PM

Another pretty nice collector's edition for a decent price. Probably will be pretty limited.


Little Nightmares: Six Edition (XB1/PS4) $34.99 ($27.99 Prime)


Hey, thanks for the heads up!

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Oxenfree [PS4] & Aqua Kitty DX [Vita/PS4] on 1...

18 January 2017 - 05:23 PM


It's most likely going to be a separate listing with all of the games, just the Vita, or the PS4 games.


Similar to how they did the Stranger's Wrath.


There won't be any new changes to the interface, really just a different listing for all those options, however, with the bundles, the quantities per platform available will change for the regular listings as the bundles will be holding up part of that inventory, etc.  Just something to consider if you decide to just go for the singles releases, or picking through which ones you want that things may go faster than you'd think on the regular listings.


Shouldn't be too much of a strain, and they just need to strike that balance between inventory for all listings.


I wouldn't worry too much about it though as I'm sure they'll figure it out. ;D

I'm a natural worrier, haha. But thanks! :D

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Oxenfree [PS4] & Aqua Kitty DX [Vita/PS4] on 1...

18 January 2017 - 04:49 PM

It's quite literally just a button that adds multiple items to the cart at the same time. It doesn't have any other bearing on functionality - it'll just save people from needing to jump between product pages to add items to their cart. There shouldn't be any reason why it would cause issues for people.

Is it going to be a button on the main shop page? Or a separate item? Or on the product itself with an additional button (or three)?

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Oxenfree [PS4] & Aqua Kitty DX [Vita/PS4] on 1...

06 January 2017 - 07:46 PM

If the plugin I've seen for this works as well as it should, we can create platform specific "bundles" that will add things to the cart in one click but still draw from the individual game's inventory pools. Should be easy enough to create an all-titles bundle, a PS4 bundle, and a Vita bundle. Will have to assess, though.

I'd super appreciate, this, too. Thanks for looking into it! :D

In Topic: *DEAD* PRICE ERROR: Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Amazon Prime is $47.99...

07 November 2016 - 06:30 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I was in a meeting, got it locked at $47.99, and after the meeting went and applied a $10 gift card to the order. My total dropped to $23.99, instead of $37.99. (Prime savings were -$22 and -$14, oddly.) :O