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Blog breakfuss > Well, It Finally Happened. Just Me & My Vitabro.

Posted 14 March 2013

Yes, ladies and gents, I finally spotted someone in public (besides myself) with...*gasp*...a vita. Seems sort of lame that I would even take the time to share this with anyone, but this monumental occassion truly deserves an audience. Ahhhh, it's surreal...like being apart of a clandestine brotherhood that no one can even begin to understand. I seriously...

Blog breakfuss > Finally Finished Walking Dead and...I still Feel The Same Way (No Spoilers)

Posted 14 January 2013

I thought it best to actually finish The Walking Dead before discussing its merits. I'm one of the few who remained unconvinced the game was deserving of its countless "GOTY" accolades. Now that I've cleaned up the rest of the episodes, I can confidently say...The Walking Dead still doesn't feel like GOTY for 2012, or any year before it. That's to say no...

Blog breakfuss > COD still reigns. Hate it or love it.

Posted 16 November 2012

"The paint may be drying out, but it's hard to fault the artist." - Gametrailers

The above is the most astute comment I've read or heard from any review. It's true. As I'm playing through it, I can't help but feel a tad fatigued by the formula. Still, I don't know that any FPS brings all the elements together quite as well as COD. Hate it or love it, it...