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Hoofrog's Blog > Please make my wife happy

Posted 13 February 2014

My wife entered us to win a photo session from a local photographer. We are only losing by a few votes so please like the picture and page.


...and yes, she is making me do this. Sorry.

Hoofrog's Blog > Sidekick Quests

Posted 16 November 2012

I love the Sidekick Quests webcomic created by James Stowe. I really love playing DnD with my kids. When James asked for kids to submit monsters for his upcoming RPG it was perfect. My girls were just as excited as I was for the chance to create a "bad guy" for Sidekick Quests. Turns out, James liked their submissions and created The Scare and Snaggletoot...

Hoofrog's Blog > The results are in....

Posted 20 April 2010

Well, to catch everyone up, we finally did get the DNA test done and after about a week of waiting the results are in. As it turns out, I am not the father. You just do not know how much I wanted to hear that. It feels liberating just to type it here.... I'll even do it again.

I am NOT the father. hehe.

Seriously though, I feel better knowing that I...

Hoofrog's Blog > So.... I may be a dad again

Posted 08 April 2010

It seems I may have a 16 year old daughter that I have never met... yeah. So, kinda working through that at the moment. My wife understands, just need to do the DNA test to verify. I really would like to do it without her(my possible daughter) knowing, so as not to complicate things if I am not. Just a lot to take in and thought I would share.

Hoofrog's Blog > PAX Pics and Vids + my Xbox Interview

Posted 29 March 2010

I was interviewed by Ryan from Xbox and my video is now on the Xbox 360 dash. Go to Inside Xbox and then to the PAX East (big red one) video. I am the dork in the red shirt. LOL.

My site, gamerdefined.com (which really sucks btw) will have some pics and vids up later if anyone is interested.