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In Topic: Jett has Twilight Princess HD - Wii U for $3.01 - (DEAD)

27 May 2016 - 09:11 PM

Never heard of JETT and I tried looking all over. Topic closed if you can't provide links dude. 

In Topic: NEOGEO X Mega Pack Vol 1 $30.69 Amazon

21 December 2015 - 08:14 PM

What's the cheapest way to get a neo geo x?



I got mine for $150 including the Neo Geo X Mega Pack. I was afraid since it comes with the cart only and not the rocket cable. But was assured by the Customer Service Team that it had the upgraded firmware. I ordered and sure enough it was already updated, so the Mega Pack worked! I will say between the A+ packaging and overall design it's worth the $150. :)

In Topic: 15% Off Uncharted PS4 Bundle @ Target (cartwheel)

13 November 2015 - 07:28 PM

Amazing! I just got one last night! I almost didn't get it thanks to a nosey coworker who tried to stop it.


Let the story begin:


I traded in a few games today at Gamestop to get Tales of Zestiria Collector's Edition. Figured, I'll hit up the nearby Target and see about getting that sweet deal on PS4. I get there, and there was an employee ringing up 2 ps4's for somebody. You can tell this is a HOT item...


So the employee, was very nice, but very new and had to ask his coworker constantly about the registry. I'm slowly panicking but then he started to ring up everything, and he started to sign me up for the red card. Just as we were gonna process everything as the registry coupon went through, a guy behind me, who was with his buddies comes along and whispers to him that I needed to print out the registry first. Apparently he was aware of the deal as he was an employee that wasn't on the clock yet. In my head I'm cursing the guy out, like 'WTF, mind your f'ing business!' but alas I stayed calm and collective. When he walked back behind me even his friends started shaking their head back and forth in disgust at what the guy did to me. The employee then said I could go to the registry to print it out, and my damn phone had NO battery left, thankfully I wrote the cartwheel code down before it died out.


So here I am, thinking there is NO way the registry will show up at the computers and my phone is dead. So I got creative, I used my tablet to open it up and thankfully the registry was still active and with the PS4 still listed. I, waltzed right by and we proceed to finish the transaction without the annoying coworker to stop him. He asked if if I was able to print it out, but used the excuse that I had it on the tablet, and had to get going. He didn't say another word and rang me up.


Everything went through, including the registry coupon, and approved red card. I walked out the door with a brand new PS4 bundle for $261 (taxes included)! I also got the Drake Collection with the blu ray disc, I just asked the employee nicely to find a box that had one.


So right as I'm all done and ready to leave, I see the coworker who tried to snitch on me getting ready to work his shift. I say nothing, as I gleefully walk right by him as he sees me with the PS4 bundle. Nothing needed to be said, you could tell I won the day.