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#10930961 The 2013 iconic summer Pepsi/mountain dew thread

Posted by blackmage214 on 23 July 2013 - 09:02 PM

Good news and bad news.


Potential bad news: So I just unlocked the $10 Arby GC on PXP. Thought why not and redeemed it. When it came to the redemption screen, all it had were fields for my name, address 1, address 2, and zip code. I left address 2 blank cause I thought it meant like apartment number. It struck me odd that there wasn't a place to put my city and state, and assumed that Pepsi uses the zip code to automatically get the city and state. After clicking confirm, all that showed up in my confirmed address was my name and address 1. No city, state. Not even a zip code. Did this happen to any of you? Will this be a problem or will Pepsi add the city, state, zip later? Much thanks for your help.


As for the good news: I won a tier 4 icon earlier today (technically yesterday) when I entered yesterday's codes. Then got a tier 5 icon after the 12 AM line into "today". Haven't won in 3 weeks, so this really boosted my motivation to continue getting codes and trying for prizes.


As to celebrate:



Will possibly post more tomorrow if I get the chance.

you should be good. I got my pepsi tumbler in and I thought I didn't enter all my info.