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In Topic: 2 month trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $0.49.

09 April 2022 - 04:27 PM

My game pass sub doesn’t expire until June 2023, but at this price I’m willing to give it a shot and try to use this when my sub expires.

Or maybe I can make a new account, redeem code, make the Xbox and the home console, and have access to the game pass games on my main account.

No idea if that works but maybe? Either way only out 50 cents so no biggie.

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In Topic: PS3 - Silent Hill HD collection $22.90 Amazon.com

01 March 2022 - 09:34 AM

Not sure why Sony fanboys are still trying to perpetuate this myth about the PS3 version of SH HD (Incomplete) Collection being "better"...
Both are flawed compared to the PS2 releases (or PC with fan patches). At least Xbox 360 version is backwards compatible with modern consoles, so there's an argument to be made about the convenience of that. You can't play the PS3 version on a PS4 or PS5.

Who are these fanboys you speak of?

In Topic: Samsung 980 PRO 2TB with heatsink for PS5 $209 Pro Member Exclusive

07 February 2022 - 06:01 PM

I must be doing something wrong, its not taking it down to 209 in my cart. Is there anything in particular that needs.to be done to trigger it?

Dead now. Was a pricing error.

In Topic: Samsung 980 PRO 2TB with heatsink for PS5 $209 Pro Member Exclusive

07 February 2022 - 05:51 PM

Paid $250 for the 2TB S70 Blade last night and then this deal happens the very next day… oof

In Topic: Madden NFL 21 Next Level Edition (X/X1) $4.97 via GameStop

29 December 2021 - 01:54 AM

Welcome to the Internet where some people are very quick to defend a dead guys feelings.

It’s called having respect. It would be one thing if he died weeks ago, but the guy literally just died.

You can try and spin it however you want but it’s a low class shitty thing to do.