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Yesterday, 02:42 AM

How much for all three shipped?

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01 July 2015 - 08:06 PM

Better to have in store foot traffic

Don't have to worry about crushed boxes from UPS/USPS or the Best Buy warehouse. Won't need to issue refunds or credits for crushed boxes or incorrect stock numbers...

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01 July 2015 - 08:00 PM



My friend and I are thinking to  buy bestbuy gamers club and share it since we both live close to each other. However, in few months, he will move to another state. 


My question is would it be possible to still share the account when purchasing games through the shared account if we are distant? or there are some limitation to doing so (such as the account holder has to be present to pick up the game.....etc)  


I thought I would get some opinions to help me make a decision...

Thank you

If you're paying with cash I think you would be alright. If you're paying with a credit card there's the smallest (smallest) possibility that someone would notice the discrepancy and put up a stink.


You do not need to be present to use it, although technically it is fraudulent of you/your friend to give someone else's account information. Not sure if it's "illegal" but I'm sure it's against their terms of service and there's a small chance of them suspending or banning the account. 


I doubt they monitor purchases, such as "hey, this account bought Witcher 3 in Los Angeles and in New York on the same day and same hour".  But that information is easily available for sure.


Safest bet (aside from two accounts and two memberships), is to make sure the secondary person who does not have their name on the account uses cash, and if at all possible, try to space game purchases apart to avoid suspicion.

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01 July 2015 - 07:25 PM

Well great, Pit is not coming up online.  ONLY IN BB STORES :(



Sucks for some people, but I see so many positives about this:


-All the eggs are in  one basket. No confusion with in-store pickups being sold to people in line, etc.

-There is a planned release date; likely a street date. This allows for planning 4 weeks ahead of time (time off work or juggle schedules)

-There is corporate communication in regards to this single product. Knowledge is power.

-No shipping costs for anyone.


Of course there are still problems. Mainly for my store, which will be employees depleting or hiding stock (former employee told me so and witnessed a current employee do it).


Overall though I prefer in-store versus random in-stock notifications online while at work/middle of the night/mid-sneeze.

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01 July 2015 - 11:54 AM

Hell, I'd take emo douchebag DMC Dante over this Chibi Homo amiibo