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Big Box PC Games- What's the market?

09 March 2018 - 12:45 AM

So I know that some people (MetalJesusRocks is the first that comes to mind) collect Big Box PC games. This seems like a huge niche area of retro collecting, as most stores/conventions I have been to don't really have anything like that available. Does anybody here collect these kind of games or know anyone that does?


I don't personally (live in an apartment and there is not enough room for this type of game collecting), but I do happen to have some from when I was a kid that my dad had purchased. I really don't know what to do with them at this point, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


And if you do collect big box pc games, what do you go for when collecting? Where do you go to find them?

Trade gone sideways- what to do?

25 February 2018 - 05:08 PM

Hey there,


I recently purchased a game from user

Kyonate that has not arrived. I sent him the cash via paypal on Feb. 9th, and communication had been decent, with the user informing me that they would not be able to ship out until the following Monday (Feb 12) as there was a big snow storm in the area (which I agreed was fine). As usual with any transaction here, I asked for the tracking number to be PM'd to me after it is shipped. On Feb. 15, since I had not received the tracking number I messaged the user to inquire about the game as I had a bunch of items coming in the mail and wanted to make sure I was home to receive them all. The response I received (the same day within a few minutes) was that the game should be here by the following Monday (Feb 19). I messaged the user back on Feb 20 (I try to be patient with people) stating that it was past the date they said it would show up and that I would (again) like the tracking number to see where the item is at. The user the responded by stating that


"hey sorry about this, i dont think media mail does tracking, i am not sure if i still have the receipt laying around.


I could, if you want, give you a temp refund if it does not show up in todays mail and you can send it back if it shows up, you good with that?"


My reply was that since it was shipped media mail (which I know that games cannot be shipped that way due to USPS regulations) I would wait a few more days before contacting him about the partial refund. As of yesterday, the game has not arrived and I am starting to wonder if they ever shipped the game out.


My question is- what should I do? I want to avoid being a dick, but this is getting a bit much. I am planning on messaging the seller again (after some advice in this thread) about a refund, but at this point I would rather just have my money back and send it again when (if?) the game arrives. If anyone has had experiences similar to this one, please let me know how you handled it. Even if you haven't maybe offer something up anyway! And if anyone had traded with this person in the past, please feel free to vouch for them- They seem to have limited post and about 20 feedback.


Thanks in advance to any helpful suggestions!


Ebay: Black/Death Metal CDs, random stuff, MUA Special Edition 360

30 October 2017 - 06:11 PM

Getting rid of some stuff to fund a pinball machine, I have a lot of cds to add soon as well as games.




Message me here or there and we can wheel/deal. Thanks for looking!