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Blog DarkNessBear > Uncharted 3 starting off on the wrong foot..

Posted 14 November 2011

Its really disappointing the newly changed perception a lot of people and reviewers have for the Uncharted series now. After that whole debacle with a bunch of gamer's upset over the 8/10 review, it seems that it left a negative connotation associated with U3 (even before it released). Causing most to look at the game differently then they would if they j...

Blog DarkNessBear > Facebook and Spoilers

Posted 14 November 2011

WHY do people feel the need to post show/movie/game spoilers on Facebook statuses? Like they are the only person that watches/plays the shit or like everyone has the time/money to watch/play everything right when it comes out.

I've already had to hide 2 people for constant Walking Dead spoilers and still got people posting shit for my other shows. Are p...

Blog DarkNessBear > My Idea for Mass Effect 3's Exploration and Resource management

Posted 05 March 2010

Alright, there seems to be a divide here on what people think Mass Effect should include. There are some folks that would like a heavier emphasis on exploration and those that feel that is not entirely important and should not be a design focal point. But, currently there is no division for those two camps and one has to settle. Which I don’t think...

Blog DarkNessBear > Mass Effect 2 - Some folks don't like the story...

Posted 08 February 2010

I've been reading around a lot lately on Mass Effect 2 and have discovered that there are a bunch of people that really do not like the story of the second installment... I just think that this game is really unique and should be looked at a little differently.

People consider the Collectors to be the main story in Mass Effect 2. Where I disagree,...

Blog DarkNessBear > E3 Expo coverage (What I'd like to see)

Posted 30 May 2009

Alright, mainly doing this for myself as a check off list - I'm compiling a list of the top ten games I want to see at E3. Seeing these will make my trip worthwhile.
10. DJ Hero - Yes, I know this one is an odd choice (and the only real odd one of my list), but I just want to give it a try. When I first saw Guitar Hero, I thought it was weird an...