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Today, 09:58 PM

Knack is $7.99. Should I buy it?

It's not bad, but you can do a lot better.  It's definitely not an ideal couch co-op game, though.  The 2nd player was almost clearly an afterthought in the design.

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Today, 08:47 PM

Looking at the list, I just learned there's a game for the PS4 called Guantlet Slayer Edition.

I also just learned that I apparently own that game.  Another surprise free game for me, I guess.

This was PS Plus last month, I believe.

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Today, 06:13 PM

I guess i've been lucky in that they have delivered the card for me every time - I just know it's going to take "at least" 20 days to arrive typically. The one time my card seemed late, and I inquired a couple of days after the 20 days passed. It apparantly glitched and they somehow send me 3x $25 cards. So for pre-ordering a $59.99 game, I ended up getting $75 back. That obviously bought a great deal of goodwill with me LOL. 

I think there are a lot of people who have decent to good experiences with Dell.  It's always a vocal minority that will complain on anything.  I'm sure Dell has a higher than average complaint rate, though.


I've had similarly good experiences of getting extra gift cards.  My only bad experience was a checkout I did using chat since I wanted to use multiple gift cards and a price match.  The rep told me I would get an email confirmation of the order after the chat was over which I never got.  I never bothered following up on it until a few days later and at that point my gift cards had expired (I waited until the last minute to use them).  It turns out that rep apparently never put the order through and no one could find it.  The gift card amounts were about $25 worth so I decided I didn't want to pursue it beyond a couple of emails and a phone call which got me nowhere.  I knew try to go further would be a huge hassle.  The moral of the story is to not get off chat until you have the order confirmation.

In Topic: Dell Promo Deals: $25 GC or $15 GC Pre-orders: Uncharted 4, AC Chro...

Today, 03:45 PM

Dell is a disgrace to retail.

If a game has a DLC/bonus code with it, stay away from Dell. I preordered MKX through this promotion and they never gave me Goro DLC...said they didn't honor those things. The DLC costs $5 and makes it a complete game...it's not some weapon skin. It also literally took over a week for it to get here.

Honestly, what are you going to spend that gift card on anyway? They only carry brand new items and they're all over priced...Amazon at full price is usually cheaper than Dell item minus gift card, making this "deal" completely moot.

Dell will price match.  The real deals are when Dell offers gift cards on existing games (not pre-orders) and then you combine that with a price match.  And, of course, plenty of people have done pretty well with glitches and mistakes.  That being said, I wouldn't fool with Dell if it wasn't for other stuff I buy that also comes with gift cards such as monitors, hard drives, etc.  They really are a hassle and people should know going in that you have to be willing to put up with a certain amount of that hassle (or at least patience) to get something out of it.  If you're casually interested and don't want to work at it, just stick with Amazon or Best Buy.

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 2/9: NBA 2K16, Ubisoft, and Atlus Sales! $5 Citiz...

Today, 03:37 PM

I'd say much more than likely.  Most definitely it should happen today especially considering the flash sale last month matched up with the historical data for flash sales in January.


Nicely last year had a really solid sale with fighting games... hopefully we get something as good this year as well.

Fighting games for Valentines?  Sony really understands my relationships.