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04 August 2020 - 01:18 PM



X Cloud Accessories are up for pre-order. Looks like X Cloud is launching Sept. 15.

No mention of iphone :(

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31 July 2020 - 01:46 PM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the the new Avengers game is not offline coop (so only 1 player per system), and is not cross-play. I have a PS4 and an XB1, so it would not be possible for me and my wife to play coop online or offline?

Knowing almost nothing about this game, I'll weigh in. :)  Most games like this would let you play online together in a party, but you would have to have 2 xbox consoles or two PS4 consoles.  If you do it right with gamesharing, you only have to purchase the game once.  If you only have one console of each and it's not cross play, you're out of luck since it sounds like there's no split screen.

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26 July 2020 - 06:05 PM

Still mindlessly playing Far Cry 4. I've been pretty ill the last two weeks and I don't really feel motivated to finish it, but I probably will anyway.


And since I was name-checked...


Ever hear the phrase, "Look, but don't stare?" There's a fine line between a passing comment about having a crush on a celebrity and being creepy or gross (which is also present in this thread but I'm not quoting those posts). I was crushing on the G4 women back then, and it was nice to see other women talking about my favorite hobby. It's always odd to hear commentary on women I also find attractive when the things being said are objectifying or dehumanizing.


There's also a lot to say about how when women are the face of something, inevitably looks, sex appeal etc end up being part of the conversation, as if how fuckable someone is makes their opinions better or worse. I've never heard anyone dissect Geoff Keighley's or Phil Spencer's looks, or the male hosts from G4 for that matter. This isn't limited to gaming culture, of course, but it's alive and well in the industry.

Physical attraction is almost always a key component of everything we do.  I selected my partner based partly on physical attraction.  I bought my car because it's looks nice in addition to other features.  We do the same thing with entertainment, food, housing, clothing, etc.  Looks aren't everything, but the vast majority of people make it a significant part of their selection process.  To deny this is to deny being human.  There certainly are some differences though - some personal preference and some is just the difference in how men and women approach and think about subjects.  Perhaps that's where it might be difficult for the opposite sex (both sides) to understand the other.  And yes, it is typically men that can take it too far or place too much emphasis on attraction.


However, if attractive women are being talked about in the context of video games (and their relevance to the industry), why is this a problem as long as it's respectful?  Doesn't this mean that people were thinking about more than just looks?  Yes, these women are attractive, but they are more attractive to this group because they play games and are involved in the industry, etc.  Don't women (and modern society) want men to consider more than looks?


I'm not saying things are perfect or this discussion about looks is completely mature.  Yes, ideally we should want looks to be excluded from the equation, but there doesn't have to be a problem just because people find other people attractive.

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24 July 2020 - 01:55 PM

It’s ironic but I think it’s Bungie that ruined me. In destiny 2 when your fighting through these mobs to an objective there’s so much going on around you by other players. It feels more alive like war. Then you hit the personal insurance and there’s this single player boss type game. It just feels more lively and bigger.

You know nothing of war.  If M*A*S*H taught us anything, it's that there is plenty of leisure time during war.  If anything, the problem with Halo is there aren't enough jokes, no pranks, and no cross-dressing nurse.

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21 July 2020 - 04:40 PM

Considering most review sites don't finish a game they review and some don't play them period I don't think they could be any less casual than they already are.  Given that less than 50% of people even finish games they play going by trophy data I don't think a review matters much on that front other than getting people to maybe purchase a title.

I don't doubt that some reviewers only play a certain portion of the game and maybe don't play it at all.  The only thing I reference is listening to podcasts and other similar media where reviewers talk about how they were rushing to finish this game or how they got it late and had to stay up all night to play it, etc.  It's almost always presented in a negative context and I don't believe people can truly be unbiased about their circumstances for playing it (not to mention anything else), even if they consider themselves a professional and even if they think they can.