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#10953092 Humble Weekly Sale - PWYW - Daedalic adventure games - New Beginning, Whisper...

Posted by Latex Robot on 02 August 2013 - 12:04 AM

This is probably the dozenth time I've had a chance to pick up Armored Princess in a bundle, yet I somehow still don't own any of these games. Question for all those recommending the bundle: how complex/hard to get into are these games? I've got very limited experience with RPGs/Strategy games, but all the good talk in this thread is making me consider picking it up. Yeah yeah, it's only $1, but that dollar could be spent elsewhere, so I wanted to get some opinions before deciding either way :)


i dunno about Men of War, but King's Bounty games are really easy for beginners. they can get hard if you don't manage your troops well later on, but they can be played pretty casually if you want.

#10952995 GamersGate Thread

Posted by Latex Robot on 01 August 2013 - 11:09 PM

So random question concerning moving games.  I have all my games on a separate (non-OS) HDD and I'm down to 16% free space.  Can I simply move my Misc. folder containing my non-client based titles to another HDD or will there be broken registry entries and whatnot that will force me to redownload (or more likely just reinstall since I think I may have saved the downloads for some) them?  I was going to download my new Adventure 4 Pack, but if I will end up having to re-do everything, I'll just wait.


One year ago I was happy with my 500GB upgrade (from 250GB).  In October I thought surely 1TB would be plenty for 'just games'.  I join CAG in November and replace my 1TB with a 2TB in December.  And now I'm looking to add a second 2TB.  You all suck...  ...enablers...


usually no.. when you install something, its info is stored in the registry, so if you move it to another folder by just copy and pasting, you're going to have issues.


if you don't wanna reinstall, check this out: http://download.cnet...4-10971924.html


really easy way of symlinking, so you can move the game's folder elsewhere, then create a symlink where it was originally.