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Christopher Lee has died

11 June 2015 - 01:00 PM

Guy had a hell of a career resurgence in the last 15 years or so of his life between being a Sith and an evil wizard. He is also known for being the answer to the question "if you could replace your voice with a well known actor's, who would you choose?"

Mortal Kombat X (Xbox) thread

14 April 2015 - 01:26 PM

I'm not going to go all out with a mega-detailed thread like I did for MK9, but figured I may start something here so people playing specifically the XBone version have a place to discuss/arrange stuff. If there's enough interest, anyway.




Picked it up at midnight. For some reason it took an incredibly long time to install so I only had about an hour to play before I had to sleep. Managed to get it for 30 bucks between GCU discount and $20 in rewards credit. Bought the Kombat Pass and felt kinda filthy about it, but I had 45 bucks in Live credit so at least I wasn't spending my own money....so 30 bucks for both the game and the pass ain't bad. Placed the order online from BBY and haven't gotten the Goro code in my email yet, hopefully when I get home today it'll be there. Probably should have just bought it at the store so I could have gotten it on the receipt. I did manage to get a black "Kombat" shirt since I was first in line (despite only waiting a half hour).


Faction stuff was very spotty, more often not working than working so far. Not surprised though, I'm sure that'll get sorted as the week goes on. I joined Brotherhood of Shadow to start but I'll be moving around (there's an achivement for joining every faction).


It seems like there isn't really a quality stick or pad that is also affordable which is kind of a shame. Hoping we have more options soon. I was considering that PDP pad on Amazon but reviews aren't that great which is a turn off considering the thing is 50 bucks.


I'm really mediocre at this so far, part of it is adjusting to playing MK style on the X1 pad, but the other more significant parts of it are I'm not that great to begin with and I haven't played MK in at least 2 years. Game seems pretty well-made though, they put a lot of time into story and atmosphere, which the vast majority of fighting games fall short on. It doesn't strike me as the total revelation that MK9 was, but I'm still liking it a ton and will be sticking with it for the forseeable future.

Ori & The Blind Forest

13 March 2015 - 12:25 AM

Anyone tried this yet? It looks f'ing incredible and all feedback I've seen is positive. Probably going to pick it up this weekend, just looking for some feedback from people I'm more familiar with.

Street Fighter V (PC/PS4)

05 December 2014 - 03:17 PM

For now this is PS4 and PC only. Assuming this was supposed to be announced at the Playstation thing going on right now. Every time I find the video it's taken down minutes later, I'm sure a stable one will be up before long. The video barely shows anything of the new game anyway, it's mostly "check out these Evo moments and here are some SF2 graphics too."