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Blog TheOpusFuller > Dead Space 3 Dev Edition Unboxing and Hands On

Posted 01 February 2013

Howdy all,

Just wanted to post a quick video for an unboxing of the Dead Space 3 Developers Edition. This is only a quick hands on visual look at the contents for everyone who wasn't able to place an order. I'll do a full in depth hands on look in the next couple days where you'll be able to get a good look at the contents inside (individual detailed pag...

Blog TheOpusFuller > Tarsem's The Fall Limited Edition Book

Posted 30 January 2013

Tarsem Singh's The Fall was a movie released in 2006. Although this movie might have fell under everyone's radar, it's very powerful. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it. It has a solid story with beautiful visuals.

The Limited Edition Book is something that was printed in small quantities and was used to promote the movie. I was lu...

Blog TheOpusFuller > The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Art Book.

Posted 26 January 2013

Hyrule Historia Art Book First Look.

The official release date for the Hyrule Historia art book is January 29th, 2013. If you lived in New York City you were able to receive a copy early by visiting The Nintendo World Store.

For those of you that were not able to attend the Event for the ear...