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Problem with a few games crashing , need help figuring out why

30 August 2011 - 07:31 AM

This has been an ongoing problem that my brothers have been having for a couple weeks now , but they kept thinking they had fixed the problem only to have it return again. I've all but given up trying to figure out what the problem is.

2 of the main games my brothers play are Guild Wars and League of Legends. Both games have been having issues as of late , but both are very similar. In League of Legends the client works fine up to the character selection screen and loading the game , but a good amount of the time the game will crash during the process and kick back to the desktop. Sometimes the game will load fine but instead at some point during the game will do the same thing. If that happens he can occasionally reload the client , re-login and rejoin the game but it will often crash again after a period of time. Guild Wars sometimes crashes during loading up the game but instead of dropping back to the desktop just goes to a black screen and requires a ctrl-alt-del to get out (he told me that sometimes that doesn't even work and the whole computer has to be restarted). Also sometimes the game seems to hit really bad lag spikes (like if your connection is crapping out) but catches up after a bit , don't know if that's related or not though.

We've contacted LoL support forums over its issues but haven't had much luck. They've given us numerous troubleshooting things to try , including upgrading DirectX , video card drivers , ect. After sending them one of the error logs they claimed it was bad latency causing the game to crash , not anything game or computer specific , but we don't really believe this since the problems have only recently started.

I know that's not a lot of information to start with but I hope at the very least it might be enough to think of something , anything , that we might not have already tried. I can provide more information as needed if it'll help. My brothers could probably provide far more input on the situation from first hand experience than I could.

Edit:Computer runs Windows Vista Service Pack 2.