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Blog Gold_guardian > Ticket to Hyrule cancled

Posted 23 September 2014

Well looks like I've done it again, Today I canceled my preorder for Hyrule Warriors. I really didn't want to because it's Zelda a series which for the most part I really love most of the time thought not without it's blemishes ( Phantom Train and Skyward sword)

But it's also a Dynasty warrior game as well and I've played those before in the form of 2 o...

Blog Gold_guardian > Purging - Excising my Manga

Posted 03 December 2012

Today I finally got around to starting to Purge my various collections.

Why? Because I need to make space and I don't want to become a hoarder.

There was a time before Collage where I spent nearly every dollar I made on Comic books, Manga, Anime and Video games. That stopped when I finally decided to be responsible and save up to continue my educatio...

Blog Gold_guardian > Confessions

Posted 15 November 2012

Urg I hate having to make difficult choices...

I canceled my New Super Mario U order that I had for $45 because despite how difficult it for me to admit Mario really isn't for me anymore. I buy them, play them for a couple hours if that and then never really touch them again....

Heck I do that for a lot of things like anime dvds I bought and never watc...