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In Topic: Fry's Clearance Blowout: Video Games from $9.99

Today, 08:25 AM

wtf kinda garbage clearance is this? A lot of games are full msrp. Oh boy, rayman legends for $60!

The sale is over, the thread just hasn't been moved yet.

In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Today, 04:26 AM

i tried lol. Lego is a no go. btw i will not do any future trades with them. 

PM each other the finds, then if they reply with that shit have been communicated across several game related forums then there is a snitch in the group or they're just being assholes and saying no to anything that is locked in more than they would like.


My vote is on the latter but as always SNITCHES GET STITCHES



In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: CoD, Never Alone | GwG: XB1: Child of Light, Pool Nation,...

Today, 12:35 AM


And, just ordered Wolfenstein from gamefly. Heard good things about it. I think it's worth 1-2 playthroughs, right? Doesn't it have a split story or whatever?

It's worth two. You can 1000 it in one playthrough though which is what I did. I did play it twice but on :xb1: and :ps4: In my top 5 for games this gen so far.


If you like it, Wolfenstein : The Old Blood comes out next month digitally and physical on :xb1: and both on :ps4:.

edit - Both are getting physical now it seems

In Topic: Old stock (SF vs. Tekken SE, Terraria PS3) popping up @ Target stores

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

Hopefully the ones at MSRP hit clearance soon

In Topic: Amazon Trade-In FAQ 6.0

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

maybe newe


maybe it is newegg jeff



Paybacks a bitch - NeweggJeff