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Syntax Error's Blog > Planning my 2016 Entries

Posted 18 December 2015

For the last couple years I've done my Alphabet Backlog in January and I also did my Bottom Barrel Bazaar which was fun. Thinking about what to do this winter. Any ideas? I try to make it something where I can spend a couple hours or less with a game and then write my blurb since "Play Witcher 3" just means I write about one game sometime in February.


Syntax Error's Blog > The Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar (Part 4 - Final)

Posted 17 June 2015

Welcome back to the final edition of the Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar. I only have five games left in the "49¢ or less" category and they're not going to play themselves -- although that would be supremely helpful. The batch last time was a chore but that means things can only be on an upswing, right? So set your Big Lots copy of Locating Zemo: A Non-D...

Syntax Error's Blog > The Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar (Part 3)

Posted 16 June 2015

Welcome back to the Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar where everything is less than four bits. In this third installment, I continue to examine the games I paid cold cash for... but not more than 50¢ of it.

Just Cause
What it claimed to be: In Just Cause, you are a Latin field operative and specialist in regime change backed by top secret US government age...

Syntax Error's Blog > The Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar (Part 2)

Posted 14 June 2015

Hello and welcome back for more adventures among the discount bin of my Steam library. As mentioned in the first part , this series is dedicated to those games under 50¢ that I independently bought on Steam (versus getting them in a bundle). So crack open a can of off-brand soda and read on.

Temper Tantrum
What it claims to be: Take control of Johnny...

Syntax Error's Blog > The Bottom Barrel Bargain Bazaar (Part 1)

Posted 14 June 2015

If you've been a bargain oriented PC gamer, you've probably bought into the bundle thing. Humble, Bundlestars, Indie Gala, whatever -- you give them a few bucks, they give you four to ten games, 90% of which you didn't really care about. Sure, each game might average a quarter but most of them are just shrapnel picked up when you really wanted one or two...