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In Topic: Target Cyber Monday : 15% Off Games in Cart Online 🎯

03 December 2019 - 02:05 AM

Edit: Double Post. Sorry. 

In Topic: Target Cyber Monday : 15% Off Games in Cart Online 🎯

03 December 2019 - 02:04 AM

Damn, I wonder what "select Switch games" won't be part of the sale.

In Topic: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4/XB1) - $22.49 @ Amazon after coupon

18 October 2019 - 11:48 PM

I feel like there is a very common theme about Kickstarter backed games and big price drops close to launch.

I get it's fun to shit on kickstarters, and most of them deserve it (this one is no exception, what with the way it handled canceled ports and the Switch release)7, but lets not kid ourselves. Damn near every game has big price drops close to launch, the exception being big Nintendo games. $17.50 off it's regular $40 price isn't all that great when it's been four months since the game's release. Compare that to Assassins Creed Odyssey, which was $20 four months after it came out.

In Topic: FIFA 20 Pre Order - $49.99 ($39.99 w/ GCU) @ Best Buy

31 August 2019 - 05:55 AM

OK, so here's my "stupid ass" question for the day. Is Best Buy giving this game away for free !?


What stops anyone from preordering this and taking advantage of the "included" free digital download of the game and returning the unopened game for a full refund? ! Not that I would ever resort to such a thing.   :-

You're not getting a digital copy of the game. You're getting Fifa Ultimate Team packs.


Get Special Edition FUT kits when you preorder FIFA 20 for Xbox One. The pack includes a rare gold pack each week for three weeks, so you can customize your squad on the road to an Ultimate Team dynasty. This FIFA 20 preorder lets you choose one of five loan icon items for five FUT matches, so you can upgrade your team's abilities.

In Topic: Turok 1 and 2 remastered - Switch - Nintendo eshop - 15/25% off each, $1...

13 August 2019 - 07:48 AM

To be fair Nintendo does not usually follow Xbox and PSN prices so your point is moot.

Nintendo didn't publish these, so it shouldn't matter. The whole "Nintendo doesn't discount their games" applies only to Nintendo games, and the third-party games they publish - such as Square-Enix stuff like Dragon Quest XI and Builders 1 and 2, Octopath Traveler, and The World Ends With You. If these games never see the pocket change prices on Switch that they've seen on other platforms, it'll be because Nightdive Studios is greedy, not because Nintendo didn't discount it.