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Blog Billytwoshoes > Reflections: Top 20 VG Moments

Posted 13 February 2013

Top 20 VG Moments List

I love making lists here on CAG, just fun to see all those box arts of games you've enjoyed in the past. As I write enough material in the list itself, I'm mainly just linking this on the blogs for more exposure. Note that hardly any of my memories deal with the internal game story and narrative, but just some personal moments tha...

Blog Billytwoshoes > Wii Retrospective: Six Years of Gaming Goodness

Posted 15 November 2012

For CAGs who already frequent the Wii section of the forums, or those who check out the lists every now and then, will already know about my retrospective lists on the Wii lifespan for each year. What started out as a simple comparison of what I though was the best year ever for the platform (2010), I was compelled to compare that against every other year...