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12 May 2017 - 05:29 PM

Yeah that grass event speaks volumes on how little CAGs are discussing it.  I was happy to speed through a Jumpluff, as well as get a Meganium (and well on my way to a second one), but that was the extent of my positive experience.  The fact that I didn't see a single Tangela during the event is the biggest let down, I was hoping to stock pile those candies for the Gen 4 evolution.


If next month is a strictly fire event, not sure I'd be too excited for it.  Fire + Ground may be more interesting if it means a higher rate of Phanpy and Larvitars, as well as for those not in the Geodude / Rhyhorn biomes.

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03 May 2017 - 04:44 PM

Been pretty boring the past couple of days, gym stagnation means I'm getting back into a couple more solid ones, but I'm usually only getting 40 to 50 coins a day.


I did catch another wild Flaaffy (with a Pinap), so far I've caught four wild ones, I consider that pretty lucky (three of those I think with Pinaps).  Now I have enough for an Ampharos (130 candy), debating if I should just pull the trigger on my 90ish IV 15 ATK lvl 20 Mareep, one of my lesser 60-70 IV lvl 30 ones, or just keep waiting for a higher IV hatch.


I have a feeling my Ampharos is going to be a trophy regardless, though it would be nice to plop a 2400-2500 CP decent defending electric type in gyms, but that would require a high IV and alot of candy / dust.

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27 April 2017 - 12:30 AM

As I'm in the desert biome I don't see any increase in those 'mons (which I all see regularly enough).  I did catch a Snorlax at a nearby stop where I've never seen one before, and a Bulbasaur shortly afterwards (pretty uncommon around here but they still pop now and then).


Other than that it seems the same to me.   I will say this though, that the 2km eggs I've received well after the holiday event have been all pretty good, maybe they changed some of the egg pools / percentages after the event.

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21 April 2017 - 06:15 PM

The most (semi) recent story I had like that was where my kids watched me play Luigi's Mansion, they really got into it back seat playing, telling me all the things I need to try sucking up.  Luigi's humming in that game is just too charming, and my daughters loved it.


Just this last Christmas I gifted my oldest daughter my DS, and got her a copy of Nintendogs.  Now I'm paying for it because she is obsessed with dogs now and wants a real one...

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21 April 2017 - 06:05 PM

All in all the event was good for me, I liked the more rapid fire hatchings of multiple 2km eggs, although in the end I didn't get anything really exciting from them (only exceptions were two Togepi, one with high IVs).  Didn't pick up a single 5km egg during the whole event, so no Gen2 starters with high IVs...


The two sole 10km eggs I picked up during the event were good, one was a Snorlax (still cursed with Lick / EQ, but I appreciated the extra candy), but the other was a high IV Porygon that I immediately turned into a Porygon2 (decent moveset too of Charge Beam / Solar Beam).


That alone made the whole event worth it, along with, you know, all the extra XP to finally get to level 33.