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Yesterday, 09:50 PM

I live in the Phoenix area, where just about every other house has a pool it seems (and plenty of pool parties in school), so we taught our oldest daughter to swim around four.


My second daughter is turning three soon, but she isn't past the fear stage yet to teach on our own.  Right now she knows to stay near the side and monkey crawl along the side of the pool, so that's a start.

In Topic: 2015 Thrift Store Thread -- Share Your Findings Here

16 April 2015 - 05:01 PM

It's worth between $5-$10 complete. I love command and conquer games, but they lag horribly on ps1.


I used to play link battle co-op on C&C Red Alert on the PS1 with a friend, it was horribly fun compared to what you would normally play on a PC. The extreme lag on that game helped you realize the computer was making a move en masse.


A fun tactic in the PS1 version was to make a gauntlet of turrets and one light tank, go and attack their ore truck, wait for the lag to hit, and then run that light tank back through your gauntlet.  They will mostly ignore all the turrets and send their whole attacking army after that one tank.


My friend and I used to end those sessions with a proper LAN battle of Starcraft afterwards, oh the nostalgia...

In Topic: Club Nintendo Deals Thread II: CN Coins no longer can be added - ELITE Awards...

15 April 2015 - 08:15 PM

Another comment on AC, I love the series, my wife and I just started up another town on City Folk, the series has excellent replay value if you do only play for about 15-30 minutes each day.  Of course I can play for much longer stretches in the summer when the bugs are plentiful and just amass a small fortune in bells.


And for the record I usually only play in the 8pm to 1am time frame, only occasionally on the weekends during the day to catch the rotation of bugs and fish that aren't up late so to speak.


One more swaying point is that Nintendo will more than likely pull a Wild World / City Folk deal and have some sort of connectivity between New Leaf and the eventual Wii U version of AC, that is if it does come out at all...

In Topic: 2014 Half Price Books Thread- Post Finds Here!

10 April 2015 - 10:09 PM

Which HPB was that?

Camelback and 21st Street

In Topic: 2014 Half Price Books Thread- Post Finds Here!

10 April 2015 - 09:39 PM

There is the main HPB thread in the deals section, though I think that is best left for coupon and other sale discussions.  I don't think we need a new HPB pick up thread per year, but its nice to show them love in their own thread at least.


I honestly forgot about this dedicated thread until arsenal posted in it though.