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Costco.com - Wii U Sonic Lost World and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bundle, $31.9...

25 November 2014 - 08:12 AM

Sonic: Lost World and Sonic and All-Stars Racing @ Costco.com


Plus tax for the deal, works out to about $18 a game.  For non-Costco members, add on another $1.60 surcharge fee, still keeps it under $40 total including tax, shipping, and the fee.


Not super CAG by any means, but hardly any Wii U game deals anyways this BF, gotta take what you can get!

FS / FT: Boxed CIB Virtual Boy Games (Red Alarm, Teleroboxer, Golf, Galactic Pinball, P...

20 March 2014 - 07:23 PM

EDIT: I posted the individual pics of the contents, per the requests.  I will only be taking offers until mid-next week, then I will make a decision, thanks everyone for their views and PMs!


Hey CAGs,


Just recently posted these in the thrift store thread, figure I'd start a trade thread for these guys (before I resort to eBay).  I'd much rather them go to a CAG collector in one shot, and I won't ask for much to buy over what I paid (which was $40 for the lot).


All of them are CIB and in excellent shape, the only one that shows some damage to the box is Galactic Pinball (slightly crushed on the corners, very minor).  All boxes also have dents and scratches, not very noticeable though.


I'm also willing to trade for individual titles, but I'm only really interested in Gamecube / GBA / Wii / PS2 games at the moment.  Just PM me with offers if interested, thanks for looking!





Red Alarm (missing Nintendo Power insert and plastic bag, so not 100% CIB (but close))



Teleroboxer (bent Nintendo Power Insert)



Panic Bomber (Back side of box has some fading from storage)



Galactic Pinball (Corners show some crushing, as well as the top flap, worst shown in pic)