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#12054194 How to get a free Steam game in 5 minutes, and more.

Posted by User20211 on 31 August 2014 - 02:37 PM

OK so I have an account on Tremor Games for months now, but I only start really to use it 5 days.

I'm from Egypt and so offers are a no go for me there, from achievement games I made only 2000 coins in those 5 days( playing all day long btw).

I wanted to get Tomb Raider GOTY (5400 coins) there were 15 in stock now its down to 8, so I'm not gonna make it.


My question is that: do they restock the "0 in stock" games ?

I could use Batman Arkham City GOTY or Origins instead ( which are both "in stock: 0").


Thanks in advance

Unfortunately,  once a game reaches "0" they do not restock it. You have to wait for a new batch of this same game. In case of Tomb Raider, don't worry, it is a popular game and they will get new batches for sure. 

#11192138 How to get a free Steam game in 5 minutes, and more.

Posted by User20211 on 04 November 2013 - 10:26 PM

Bump. :p


#10939989 How to get a free Steam game in 5 minutes, and more.

Posted by User20211 on 27 July 2013 - 04:28 PM

Earning steam games, steam wallet and other gift cards for free can be really hard if you don't have a plan. With the plan I propose, you will get your first Steam Game in 3 simple steps, taking no more than 5 minutes with Tremor Games.



Tremor Games ​(follow the first 3 steps to get your Steam game in less than 15 minutes)
Click "show" to see proof of my earnings at Tremor Games


Tremor Games offers: Steam Games, Steam Wallet, Steam trading cards, DLCs, Orgin games, PSN or Xbox live credit, Amzon.com gift cards, desura games, GOG games, in game credits and a lot more.

How to get your first Steam Game in less than 5 minutes


There are games for as low as 39 tremor coins, and depending on your region, a single mobile app to install can give you up to 250 coins, and it takes about 30 seconds to achieve:

1. Register Here

Click on "Register" at the top right of the main page, enter your info with a real e-mail. You won't receive any spam from this site, trust me.


2. Click the "Get Coins" link at the top right of the page.

3. Earn Coins:

Install Free Mobile Apps (Fastest way to earn coins, 20 to 450 coins depending on the app and region)


Supersonic, trialplay and several other sponsors offer you the possibility to install mobile apps from Google Play or App Store, to your Ios or Android device to get coins. It takes only a few minutes to download an app and to open it in order to earn coins.


Just login to your tremorgames account from your mobile device and clicking the app offers will lead you directly to the app store or to google play.


All apps are from google play store and apple App store, so don't worry about the security of your device.


Be sure to read the description before downloading an app, since some of them require you to get to a specific level in the app and some other apps are not free. The free and fastest ones to do are described as "download and open app".


Important note: If a sponsored app have already been installed in the past on your device, you might not get any credits.


You now have enough Tremor Coins to get your first free game. Click here to see the Steam games you can buy for less than 200 Tremor Coins (there are hundreds of them).


Please only redeem Steam Games, do not redeem DESURA games, as DESURA is now defunct.





The rest of this guide will show you how to get even more if you have a little more time, continuing with Tremor Games.


Do simple tasks (in my region, gives me 150 to 1000 coins in 15min)


There is a lot of types of tasks to do, that pay from 4 to 400+ tremor coins per single task: visiting web sites and categorizing them, answering questions on websites, simple surveys, listening to audio and rating the voice... and so on. Each task can take from 1 minute to 5+ minutes to complete.


My favorites are short surveys, answering questions about a website, type what you hear and rate the voice you hear. All are fast and easy to do.


You must login with your facbook account in order to complete tasks.


Tips for when doing tasks


- When you first visit the tasks page, just click on the "Reward" coloumn on top of the tasks table, and look for the tasks that have the most stars. Those are the easiest and highest paying tasks that you can do.


- When you first start doing tasks, you are at level 1, and can only do level 1 tasks. When you do enough level 1 tasks, you will earn a level 2 badge that will let you access level 2 tasks. Level 2 tasks pay a higher amount of tremor coins than level 1.


Watch Videos (in my region i can get 50 to 150 coins every day)


Depending on your region and time*, several sponsors offer videos to watch:


- Supersonic

- Matomy

- Token Ads

- SuperRewards

- Video Offers (Virool)

- V11 Videos

- and more...


* Watch each video for at least 30 seconds, If you can't see any videos to watch, don't despair. Check it out later, since videos are put on at specific times of the day, depending on your region, you won't see them all, right when you register.



4. Click the Tremor Rewards at the top of the page, redeem your coins for free Steam Games.

If you want a specific Steam Game that is not offered in the Tremor Rewards section, then just get a Steam wallet code with your coins and go get the game you want on steam.

5. Get Tremor coins faster:


Refer your friends


You can get 20% of the coins won in offers (videos, mobile apps, surveys) and 10% of the coins won in tasks by your friends. To refer a friend do the following:


1. Click on your username at the top right of the screen.


2. Just under your achievements (if you played achievement games) you will see "Refer friends and earn tremor coins" Under that title, you will see a red colored html link. This is your referral link.


3. Copy your referral link and send it to your friends, and tell them how awsome Tremor Games is, and why they should register.


4. Once your friends click on the referral link you sent them, and register at tremor games, you're done.




I suggest you do Peanut Labs surveys, because contrary to other sponsors, with peanut labs you know quickly if you qualify or not for the survey. And also, you get paid almost at every survey. My second choice of sponsor for surveys is TrialPlay. Stay away from Supersonic surveys.


Trade in TF2, CS:GO items and Steam Trading cards


You can get some tremor coins by trading in your items and trading cards. The trading is handled by a bot, so just follow the steps on the links below. You must have redeemed at least 1 item from Tremor Rewards to be eligible.


TF2 items : http://www.tremorgam...ic&topicid=5311

CS:Go items : http://www.tremorgam...ic&topicid=6490

Trading cards: http://www.tremorgam...ic&topicid=5075



Click "show" to see proof of my earnings at SwagBucks
Swagbucks is a site, simmilar to Tremor Games, that allows watching videos and doing simple tasks to earn gift cards. But additionnaly, it allows you to get swagbucks for searching the web.
Swagbucks offers tons of gift cards to redeem, including steam, amazon.com, facebook, PayPal, steam, psn...

1. Register Here
2. SwagbucksTV app (36+ swagbucks/day in th U.S, 10+ sb/day anywhere else.)
You can earn swagbucks just by downloading the swagbucks tv app on your mobile device and watching videos.

For every 5 videos you watch, you get 2 swagbucks.

3. Do some web searches ( 6 to 20 Swagbucks / day )
Just search for webpages that you visit regularly ex: search for ign on swagbucks, and click on the link from the results, instead of going directly to ign. Don't forget to fill in the captcha to get your swagbucks.

4. On the left hand side of swagbucks main page, look under the to do list. (3 swagbucks / day)

Answer the Daily poll and you get 1 SwagBuck each day.

If you watched some videos, earned sb from search, tried to do some surveys (even if you don't qualify) and at least clicked on the daily deals, you will get a bonus of 2 to 5 swagbucks for completing 5 of the 6 items on your to do list.
5. Install the SwagBucks toolbar to get 1 swagbuck per day.
If you choose to install the toolbar, make sure right click on it once installed and go to "Advanced Settings" and untick "Send usage statistics". Also under "Search Options" uncheck "Show text that is selected inside searchbox". Otherwise the toolbar will slow down your browser.
** doing steps 1 to 5 gives you at least 50 swagbucks/day ( about 15$/month) **
6. Surveys:
At Swagbucks, there are often surveys that take only 5 to 10 minutes to do, and give from 60 to 150 swagbucks. So you should not miss that opportunity.
1. At to top left of the Swagbucks wabpage, click on "Answer".
This is your dashboard where surveys targeted to you are displayed. There might be times where there is no surveys. But most of the times I check in, there are surveys to do.
On the left side, you can browse through Gold, Partner and Peanut Labs surveys.
On the right hand side of the dashboard there are profiles for you to complete. Once you complete a profile, you will get more surveys on your dashboard.
2. Peanut labs surveys are also easy to qualify for.
3. You can also subscribe to e-mail surveys, you wil get surveys opportunities in your e-mail and they are quite easy to do and often pay 2x the ammount of swagbucks.
4. Refer your friends: If you refer your friends, you get 10% of all the swagbucks your referrals win, tasks and offers included.
To invite your friends: log in to your account and go to: http://www.swagbucks.com/p/invite
There you will find your referral link that you can share on websites, forums or send it via e-mail to your friends.



How I proceed

What I do everyday is Swagbucks: Daily Poll + Search + Videos. Tremor games:  installing apps (Android and ios).


Additionally I do the following:

1. Each morning when I wake up, I check Swagbucks on my pc to see if there is any surveys to do (peanut labs). If there is, I complete the survey and it takes about 15 minutes.


2. I do nothing until 7:30 pm eastern time, then at 7:30 pm I go to Tremor Games to complete Tasks while I surf the web. That takes me about 5 minutes in total to do.

3. Just before going to bed, I verify again if there is a survey to do at Tremor Games and do it if there is one.
This way, I am able to get 250 to 500 Tremor coins/day without referrals, and 20 to 85 Swagbucks a day without referrals. And that gives me about 40 to 60$  in games a month (Steam wallet + amazon credit) and I don't spend more than 15 to 30 minutes a day doing this.

With this way of proceeding, In a year, I was able to get 115 games on steam, without counting the games that I got on amazon.com, psn, desura and gog! And they are not small games, they include the likes of Halo 5, Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor, Need For Speed Rivals, Arkham Knight, Rise of The Tomb Raider, Quantum  Break and many more.