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03 July 2013 - 10:04 PM

I'm sure it's been mentioned on the previous pages, so forgive me for possibly mentioning it again...(I'm too lazy to go back through the 340+ pages)...........


Just a heads' up for anyone looking to purchase "Rockstar Table Tennis".....you can get a disc copy from Gamestop for $1.99, and if you're a Poweruprewards Pro member like myself WITH trade credit, you can walk out the door paying only $1.79 (no sales tax when using trade credit).


Figured I would let you know how to save a little more......afterall we ARE CheapAssGamers !!!


Have a good one everyone.....and game on !

In Topic: XBL Deals|7/4 Only- Witcher2, OrangeBox, More | 7/5 Only-Hitman:Absolution...

25 May 2013 - 07:54 PM

It was on sale as part of the S&S app, but it wasn't 200MSP. It was 400MSP.


Thanks a lot Tyler !!!

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25 May 2013 - 10:11 AM

Hey Gamers....a little off topic from the games on sale this week : I noticed by looking at xbldb that "Space Channel 5 Pt 2" has dropped to 400MSPs, (which isn't the 1st time based on its history), but I was wondering if anyone can remember back to when the "Sales + Special App" was up and running......wasn't this game part of a "loser offer" for 200MSPs ?? Would be great to hear from someone that perhaps purchased it back then or can remember a little bit better than myself.
I didn't know if xbldb also kept track of games that were part of the "Sales + Special App".
I also know the game is part of the Dreamcast Collection which can be found for cheap, but I already have "Crazy Taxi" from the Christmas holiday when it was offered for 200MSPs, and I'm not really interested in the other 2 games, "Bass Fishing" and "Sonic"...(especially since I already have Sonic on the "Ultimate Genesis Collection").....thanks in advance for your time, & help......GAME ON !!


03 May 2013 - 03:40 AM

Has anyone traded in Bioshock 2 for Xbox 360 recently ? I managed to snag the Ultimate Rapture Edition from BB this past weekend for $20.....and am curious if I'm going to have a hard time either selling it or trading it in for a decent amount of $ / credit. I imagine it doesn't have any value at this point with this double pack that's out.
I did trade in Bioshock (1) to GS when they had that promo running last weekend......got $13.10 credit....when I only paid $4.50 for it last year, after redeeming a $5 off coupon I had from my PUR PRO rewards..(so that was awesome).
I think at the time when I asked the employee there, he was only offering $5 for Bioshock 2, and of course that's without the extra PUR PRO "bump".

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22 April 2013 - 06:47 PM

Hey Gamers-
Need your help...I've got a nice size credit on my Gamestop PUR PRO card, and I'm wanting to use some of that to purchase 4000MSPs via "digital delivery" from their website.
The frustrating thing, is to see that for whatever reason, Gamestop wants to charge me SALES TAX ?! REALLY !??! I've purchased codes digitally from Best Buy and other merchants in the past and there's never sales tax charged. It's basically like purchasing a gift card, only in this case there is absolutely NOTHING being shipped.
So I call Gamestop via their toll free #, and the rep explains it has to do with where I live, which doesn't make a lot of sense when again the other merchants I purchase digital codes / gift cards from, don't charge a stupid sales tax. Of course she wouldn't mention which states don't charge this silly tax.
Again, I wouldn't go on this rant and reach out for help if I didn't have this lump sum credit on my PUR account that I want to use. Anyone have thoughts, suggestions / comments on how to avoid the $4.65 sales tax ? HEEEEY, I'm CHEAP remember ?! Thanks in advance everyone.....and GAME ON !