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In Topic: Amazon Prime Now: Spend $10 on 7up & Get $20 PSN code

24 October 2018 - 06:08 PM

There's no way in hell I tip if anyone makes minimum wage or more. It has nothing to do with being cheap - you're doing your job just like everyone else in this country. "Providing service for you"? It's your damn job, no shit that's you're paid to do. In any other country tipping has not changed, it's something you'd do if someone goes above and beyond. Only America has ruined this concept by instilling lax pay laws for servers and whatnot which employers take full advantage of as that's money they save by passing along the expense to their customers who are expected to tip. If they really make 18 an hour anyone would be insane to tip them.

In Topic: God of War PS4 $49.99 at Costco.com

30 April 2018 - 08:30 PM

Waiting on a $30 disc. I'd get the digital but if Sony continues to be their dumbass selves the digital copy will be useless to me when the PS5 comes out since they hate BC. I figure I'll just sell the disc and then put it toward the ultimate super edition remastered  they re-release years from now on the PS5.

In Topic: PSA: Amazon Prime going up to $119/yr starting May 11

30 April 2018 - 08:27 PM

I'll probably renew again but following that future renewals have been downgraded to questionable. As it stands, I probably still save money with the shopping do there but I haven't been buying as much as I used to in years. I would imagine their video streaming service is the main reason why this is being increased yet again.
Here's a fucking thought though - revamp the college Prime accounts as even after the last change people exploit that shit like crazy. They pay a fraction of what we do for Prime and get the SAME benefits. Either put limitations on it or nix some of their features (like just getting the shipping and no other benefits) as it's always been bullshit we pay way more for the same thing than these "college" kids do. It is still abused to hell even after they changed things about it a couple years ago.

In Topic: Star Wars Thread - Episode IX Releasing 12/20/19

30 December 2017 - 02:57 AM

Technically Fett lived in the original canon, but now that Disney runs things I presume they kept him dead.

In Topic: The General eBay Rant Thread

21 December 2017 - 07:44 PM

What's being described suggests to me that you (Navex) are not weighing your packages before shipping. Do you just accept the dimensions and weight that eBay guesses for you when you make a listing?

The handful of times that incorrect postage has occurred on a package delivered to me, the post office has held the package until I, the receiver, have paid the difference. That's happened once that I can remember in 30+ years of shipping and receiving. I've also never had a package returned or reported as insufficient postage.

USPS is slammed for the holidays. They have brought in temp workers to help, which is causing issues with delays and missed packages. It happens every year. This isn't a monopoly-style mentality, it's a business that has too much government intervention and can't run itself properly as a result.

A few other statements you have made demonstrate a level of ignorance to how USPS operates. I am left to complete the assumption that you are the common piece with these issues.

No. I have my own scale I use. I weigh and measure my boxes. I don't think you're paying attention to what I've been saying. I've been selling on ebay for nearly 10 years, have never had an issue or one refund request. Here's what has has happened in the last week and and a half.


- one package sent back for unknown reasons, postage was right, everything was. It was a a 3lb. box of old Pokemon strategy guides I sent as media mail. Clearly they didn't accept it as MM as I had to re-send it through PS. That was on Friday.


- over the weekend I sent three more things and Monday they send back them back to me. The other two are more MM items, they are graphic novels. They fit their definition of MM as they ARE books. No ads in them. I've been slowly selling off my GN collection for the last 3 years through eBay and using MM and never received anything back. I get a letter along with them saying they don't qualify for MM and they write NO COMICS on the paper they send me. It was explained to me once that comics to the USPS are single issues, most notably, that HAVE ADS in them. In addition to those two, humorously they also sent back another package that they didn't even look at as they assumed it was MM too and that was the boots I sent Parcel as I've already detailed here. Just incompetence on their part as the label clearly said PS and as I've said once I pointed this out to them they apologized and re-shipped it.


So no, this is not a weighing issue and I'm not ignorant in how to ship things. Feedback has been perfect for 9 years as a seller and I would be at the next level if I routinely sold on there but please keep trying to discredit me as I enjoy watching you come up with more shit I can shoot down.