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#13910234 The General eBay Rant Thread

Posted by Navex on 20 December 2017 - 06:23 AM

I have no idea what the issue here is. They don't have suggested prepaid shipping labels, unless you're using flat rate. In which case, it didn't matter how much it weighed, unless you're shipping gold or lead bars.


And if you knew it was too heavy, then you could have weighed it yourself and put the weight into eBay's label maker and had the correct postage, and voided the wrong one.


So I can't figure out what the actual beef is.

The fact that postal people don't look at the shit they're dealing with.


I know for a damn fact I once had a package that had incorrect postage and if they had looked and saw that it was an eBay label they would have done the necessary protocol which would have resulted in ME getting the bill for the actual cost. Instead the ingrate at the sorting facility just forwarded it to the buyer then they had to incur the charge. The PO notified me of this ahead of them so thankfully I did a partial refund to the buyer so I didn't get hit with an angry message later but the entire ordeal could have been avoided had they done what they do any other time and that's bill the sender not the receiver. It's just morons not caring or looking at shit like they're supposed to.

#13904406 Xbox One X: Thoughts have came to a conclusion...at least for now.

Posted by Navex on 12 December 2017 - 02:28 AM

I almost got one of these but ended up getting my first Sony PlayStation in years unless you count my old PS3 I got for BC PS2 games and my BR player. Got the Pro. I truly wanted to get the X as I think MS customer support is still better and their servers are generally superior to Sony's but there is simply more players with PS4s nowadays, at least in the games I play online. Getting tired of booting up some games at certain times of the day and have to wait for games when the PS4 has almost 10k more active players (again, in the games I play). I still own my regular One though and still play it since my gaming shit has been tied to MS for over 8 years now but going forward I might break off from MS simply because there are more players on PS4 than One.

#13903867 PS4 Pro $290 @ Target.com on 12/11 ONLY (NOT CONFIRMED; YMMV)

Posted by Navex on 11 December 2017 - 08:05 AM

Naturally. Stayed up thinking maybe they'd wait until 3 for west coast. Meh.

#13900184 Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition - $26.97 @Gamestop (just pick up?)

Posted by Navex on 06 December 2017 - 03:49 AM

It's okay. I never buy anything from GS because of their shitty policies and dishonesty regarding selling used games as new for years and only made an exception here because that was a great deal. I just paid for a remedial lesson in that I will not ever again order from them. Not mad, just saying, this was a reminder why I don't give them my business.

#13894425 Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition - $26.97 @Gamestop (just pick up?)

Posted by Navex on 28 November 2017 - 09:39 PM

I went to GameStop for this deal and they gave me a "New" copy but never had a sticker on it and wasn't ever put in a plastic sleeve or sticker to keep it closed

I just got mine from this deal and yeah, it's clearly a used copy they are selling as new. They aren't even trying anymore to pass this shit off either, it's unwrapped and clearly used. Obviously they took used copies and threw in new codes to sell them as the ultimate version. I HOPE my codes work anyway haven't booted up the Xbox yet to try them. I'm pissed but as long as the codes work I'll probably keep it as I'm not a fan of used games but HW2 wasn't something I planned to play the hell out of so this copy should hold up as long as it wasn't abused too much.

#13888701 Black Friday 2017 - The Epic Master Thread

Posted by Navex on 23 November 2017 - 06:29 PM

It's worrisome to think that as years pass, online will only grow sales-wise and it's clearly incapable of handling that demand. Even with early access at BB to alleviate stress, they still couldn't cope with the normal BF rush. Can't imagine how bad this will be years from now, especially with less storefronts as businesses shutter or reduce their physical presence. . .

It won't matter if Net Neutrality is taken away next month. You really think all of these gamers and streamers will still be around? I mean, obviously many will be but this shit will end up driving up costs of services of ISPs and the streaming/game services themselves. Or you'll have ISPs that slow down your net to dial-up standards and people simply won't be able to do this shit. Moral of story: go out and call federal and your state reps or none of this shit will matter as anyone who thinks it won't affect them is crazy. When these services start losing money because loss of revenue , everyone is going to pay for it (literally at that) in the end in some way.

#13875050 Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

Posted by Navex on 12 November 2017 - 08:30 AM

Invalid Code - someone must have already used it. Thanks though!

Sorry. Definitely wasn't me as I don't play the game and it came from my Dew lol. I should have another one posted tomorrow if I go out.

#13869212 Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

Posted by Navex on 06 November 2017 - 08:02 AM

Destiny 2 Xbox "Every60seconds" XP codes:





#13811147 XBox One X Discussion - Now available

Posted by Navex on 20 August 2017 - 11:02 PM

Gamestop Trade-In prices for X

Promotion: November 7-19


--Switch - $200

--PS4 Pro - $200

--Xbox One S - $150

--PS4, original or slim - $150

--Xbox One original - $100



Before I hit up eBay to look, are original Xbox Ones going for more than $100 on there or am I better off just taking this $100 deal? Definitely want the X if it matters and while I'm not usually a person to go for a launch version, want to get that trade-in toward it since the window is limited.


EDIT: Looks like I can get more at the moment but I have no plans to sell this until the X releases since I'm still using it. Looks like I could maybe get another 30-40 bucks after shipping and fees with what they're going for at the moment rather than the $100 trade but might just do the trade to be done with it.

#13779064 The CAG Backlog Support Group.

Posted by Navex on 14 July 2017 - 06:20 PM

I haven't played any of them in years despite owning them from PSN sales. I remember grinding like hell for Zidane's Ultima Weapon if I'm remembering right. I also remember training on top of this mountain where you'd fight the green dragons. Out of VII-IX I think their chocobo mini-game was the funnest. VII breeding and racing at times made you want to tear your hair out and I don't remember VIII's much apart from the forests but I don't think it was hard.

#13778765 The CAG Backlog Support Group.

Posted by Navex on 14 July 2017 - 07:57 AM

Been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes on Xbox and I think it's given me the motivation to go back and play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 now. The remastered one that was sold with MUA1 that is. I played the first one and beat it again but after failing to get Silver Surfer AGAIN legitimately it soured me and I never moved on replaying 2 to beat it and get its achievements. So that's on the to-play next list. Also, I'm playing as Punisher in Heroes and seeing how he plays really makes me wish THQ didn't hold the game rights to him back in the day that prevented him from appearing in the MUA games.

#13775603 Amazon Prime Day is Live!

Posted by Navex on 11 July 2017 - 04:55 AM

So am I missing something or is Amazon just falsely advertising Prime Day "deals" now?  I know the glitched prices on Lego items is done but I was looking anyway and they all say "Prime members save an additional 10%" on the search page yet they are all priced at full retail and no discount is reflected though the checkout process.


I really fucking hate Amazon for stupid shit like this and all the dumb fucking retards that think they regularly offer great deals. Most of the time they just match other stores sales and people act like Amazon had the stuff cheaper to begin with. Any deals they offer are aimed solely at monopolizing the market and putting all others out of business faster then WalMart all while driving you to buy other overpriced shit from their website like a loss leader at a grocery store.

Ehh they still beat most places. Even though my shitty state enacted the online sales tax I still do a majority of my shopping there. Going off some of their bulk grocery prices might even start buying everyday home items and food from them too. I've been on this site for a few years now but have been buying online for even longer and even after finding this site and reddit subs that post deals I can say with confidence that they're rarely beat. If Best Buy or Target or eBay is running some promo, sure, but that's a sale. Everyday, usual prices? Amazon. I think I found like one really awesome deal from Wal-Mart and that was the Futurama set for like $20 but other than that anytime I've ever bought from them it's been due to a site error.

#13742078 Amazon Cash: Add $20 or More to Your Balance, Get $10 bonus

Posted by Navex on 14 June 2017 - 04:39 AM

So I just print out the barcode, take it to Sheetz and tell the cashier I want to put $20 on this thing? And how will I know if it works, do their registers print a receipt verifying the purchase/transfer/whatever you want to call this? I don't want to have someone scan it and it charges me but for whatever reason the funds aren't added to the Amazon account. At least with a receipt I can prove to Amazon a transaction took place in the worst case scenario.

#13737314 NBA Discussion Thread

Posted by Navex on 10 June 2017 - 10:01 PM

Jump shooters in the West play much better defense.


Before the series, my heart said Cavs in 6, but my brain said Warriors in 5. Game 1 didn't change that, aside from increasing the possibility that the Cavs will get swept.

Well, you were almost right, though they avoided the sweep last night. Officiating was the name of the game but honestly anyone that has watched NBA knows it's the most commonly "fixed" sport. Contrary to what people are saying though I doubt the league wants the Cavs to win, they just want the series to get prolonged so everyone makes more money. "Best for business" approach, no-brainer.

#13701477 Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

Posted by Navex on 27 April 2017 - 06:21 PM

When it comes to Legends, I've had the best luck keeping an eye on toyark.com for new releases, and then ordering on either Amazon or Bigbadtoystore. Entertainment Earth and some others I'm not thinking of might be worth checking out as well.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind, never heard of that site. I have Prime so it would be great if Amazon listed these. I saw they unveiled the ones I'm interested in at a toy fair the other day for a summer release so I've been watching.


One more thing, Play Arts VII Remaster Cloud pics:



So to ask another question here, when should we expect these to hit the states and where would be the go-to places to get them for the best price? I read on there the prices are so high for him and the others at the moment because they have to be imported here so I definitly want to get get an order when whenever possible as for FF I've never been able to get these for retail and have always had to buy from resellers, as being not a huge figure guy, am never hearing the news for this stuff as it comes out so I want to be ready this time.