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#10619434 Best Buy Ad 6/16-6/22

Posted by Tabe on 12 June 2013 - 10:18 PM

Nothing for me, however ACIII is on PS+ for ~$20, ugh, I have heard so many mixed things but I was only able to make it from 1- half of revelations, I feel like I would need to beat that first. Maybe I should just let it go, any advice guys? Is Desmond's story worth seeing through?


AC3 is an excellent game.  I did not care for the ending but whatever.  If you're a completionist like me - I absolutely HAD to have 100% sync and all the single player trophies - then the game loses some luster.  There's some painfully boring or bad side missions.  The main game story is a bit inconsistent but the good parts are really, really good.


It's well worth $20.  I essentially got it for free between price matches, the pre-order bonus, and 100% bonus on trade-in, so I am very pleased with its value :) 


It's a better game than Brotherhood and Revelations but not as good as AC2, which is my favorite game of all-time.