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Posted by Caffeinefree on 02 February 2015 - 05:19 PM

EDIT - If you see any deals in your local Kmart post it in this thread. Spread the love. This post is no longer being curated so check the last post for YMMV local deals. 





I am no longer affiliated with Kmart, so this isn't getting any future updates. Stay tuned to the latest post in the comment section. THANKS!


I looked into the plan for this fire-sale, and apparently they'll be rolling out clearance deals for the whole section. So 20% off, then 50%, or whatever comes to pass. Looks like different regions are getting different sales sooner than others, as well as higher volume stores getting different sales than lower ones. IF YOU HAVE INSIDE INFO, POST IN THIS THREAD SO CAGS IN YOUR AREA CAN GET A HEADS UP.



  • All deals are YMMV.
  • Kmart bases it's clearance on how long an item has been in stock. It takes a few weeks, but even the most expensive items go on clearance.
  • ALWAYS ASK SOMEONE TO SCAN AN ITEM FOR YOU. Most older games are on clearance, but have not been labeled as such.
  • Lookout for "penny items", items that have been on shelf for so long they've been clearanced down to 0.01. They won't sell for that, but it's a great way to get GTA IV for $2.00, for example.
  • TAKE A PICTURE AND PRICE MATCH.  For Walmart and other retailers, this is all they need to price match. Make sure the label is clearly visible and don't forget to post it here and share the love. 


Background Info



YMMV DEALS -  Post below if you find a deal in your area! Post here if you find a deal in your area! 


:360: Xbox 360 DEALS  :360:

Select titles 20+% off


:xb1: Xbox One Deals  :xb1:

Select titles 20+% off



:ps3: PS3 DEALS  :ps3:

Select titles 20+% off

:ps4: PS4 DEALS  :ps4:

Select titles 20+% off


:vita: VITA DEALS  :vita:

Select titles 20+% off



:wiiu: Wii U / Wii DEALS  :wii:



:3ds: 3DS / DS DEALS  :ds:

3DS XL - @190 @ 20%off



[+..••] Accessories DEALS [+..••]

Afterglow Universal Headset - $30

:xb1: Xbox One Charge Kit - $20

Giotek EX-05 Universal Headset - $20



Thanks again. Remember to post your deals in the comment section.  :)


EDIT - KMART CLEARANCE 2.1 thread, added consoles, added tips, condensed backstory down into spoiler, erected a sofa, planted seeds for world domination. Just check the last post for local deals.